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The Essence of Education

Updated on September 7, 2013

The essence of Education

Education is defined as an aspect of learning where habits, skills and knowledge are imparted to individuals or groups by way of teaching, coaching or through their own research and exploration. In most cases, education occurs through assistance and guidance from other people. However, it may also occur through one’s experience. The word education emanates from a Latin word education, which means to rear, bring up, raise or educate. It is categorized in three forms; formal non-formal and informal.

Formal education is where students learn in institutions with teachers who using a laid down curriculum, which is established to achieve a particular learning goal. Some learning institutions are also sponsored by certain religions, which influence their curriculum. Non-formal education is the learning process, which does not take place in institutionalized centers. Rather, it is a network where information, skills and knowledge are shared amongst individuals without a school environment. This learning system is purposed to nurture individual consciousness, personal development and self-reliance. Informal education on the other hand, refers to acquisition of traditional knowledge, content and models but within the context of formal or non-formal system of education.

The significance of education in today’s society cannot be overemphasized. This significance is broader than the worldly success presumed by many. Well thinking and informed persons are established through education. Apparently, there is no doubt that education opens individual’s mind in being able to think critically. According to Borkar, (2012) education makes people to be free. People are now able to understand different cultures, or the day to day happenings in various parts of the world.


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