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The Eternal Mind

Updated on July 18, 2009

Old Souls in Young Bodies

 WOW, Eternity!!!

Time with no beginning, time with no end.  I will ask you to indulge me for a while as we let our minds roam free experience what the ideal of eternity means.  I remember thinking about this idea when I was much younger.  I use to want to quantify the idea of eternity, yes, I had too much time on my hands back then.  However I was serious, I to wanted to know what eternity was is it a million years a billion.  Then I thought let me find out what the scriptures of our predecessors had to say concerning the topic.

I honestly did not find an exact nubmer that satifyied me.  I did find a calculation that interested me, written in the "Bagavad-Gita As It Is" written by His Devinne Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Phrabupada.  It does not sum up eternity, it sums up the calculation of the life of Brahma the creator of this physical reality according to the vedic (Veda means knowledge)tradition from East India.  Brahma live 100 years of his time which works out to be 311 trillion 40 billion years, then it says that the life of Brahma is one blink of an eye to the Supreme Lord, Krsna aka Visnu/God.  When I first read that I thought wow! cannot imagine physically living here as a human for more than 100 years inn this body. 

This reilzation reinforced that the only reason we need to think about the teem eternaity is if we know that we really are primarily spiritual beings, not mere physical beings.  The life spark was always there and it will always be there, even after the physical body has perished. 

Eternity, infinite time, is not about the mundane human concept of religion, it is the spiritual journey of all living entities.  Think about this, there was a time 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000)  years in the past and there will be a time 1 quadrillion years in the future. Why can I say that because I can think that was in my mind. I do not know a thing about those two time periods, because I am here and now, but I know that in linear time they have a place in the time spectrum. 

Planet Earth is not likely to be here physically according to scientific observation, I know I won't be here on this planet.  The sun our powering star may or may not be here 1 quadrillion years in the future.  The entire "Milky Way" galaxy will have evolved and who knows what the cosmic picture may look like.

When I say eternal I literally mean with out end or beginning and I do not mean it half hearted.  There is no number in the time scheme that can come close to indicating what eternity truly means, according to this author.  I will tell you what is liberating about knowing that we are eternal beings.  I (spiritual I) have all the time to do what ever nonsense it is that I claim I am going to do. In time all will be gone and no matter what has happened her in the next realm I (spiritual I) will continue to do some other cosmic activity.  Eternity is also a liberating idea because even though there is much unpleasant things that may happen, in time all wounds have the potential to repair. 

Eternal time is what brings the spirit and the physical together in birth  as well as separates them, in the form know as physical death. 





Time Passing Through

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The regular guyThe ChampionThe visionJust relaxThinkig of PeaceTHe GUardianRunning from timeThe Lord and Lady
The regular guy
The regular guy
The Champion
The Champion
The vision
The vision
Just relax
Just relax
Thinkig of Peace
Thinkig of Peace
THe GUardian
THe GUardian
Running from time
Running from time
The Lord and Lady
The Lord and Lady


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      carmel, yes that is the son of my sister, and the girl you see smeotimes with him is his sisters! they are indeed lovely looking little bastards hihihi!yaelian, nu e4r jag he4r igen, men norrut! maggie may, yes? i try! you too perhaps...elianne, ik probeer zen te zijn.. :) werkt soms!fru a, me too!demie, i feel alot! pascale, wow, that is so very nice to hear! thank youpoppoeten, visst e4r det se5? att det blir se5 mycket sve5rare med e5ren? kramiris, ja, het is soms heel erg lastig. ook heb ik zo veel dingen gekrijgen van het leven omdat ik in nederland en in israel heb gewoont, maar ook is het moeilijk te weten waar je thuis hoort.elisabeth, jag e4lskar att kika pe5 dom de4r blommorna de4r. gick ockse5 ff6rbi dom flera ge5nger innan jag tog fram kameran. inser att jag blir mer ose4ker pe5 att ta bilder i sverige. hm? och det e4r ve4l ockse5 f6dets 'fel'! :) kramars, ja lite ve4l kort den he4r ge5ngen. kramlilli, thank you for these words. i can't see it in my pictures, but for sure many things are going through me this period! love to you norwegian flower!outi, will you ever move there you think? or is finland the answer for both of you? maybe these questions i just asked are part of those that can better be left, unless you already answered them ;)lycke, hihih, jag vet precis hur du menar. med rf6ran. och att den e4r se5 intern att e4ven i ve5ra vardagsrum blir den helt kaotisk. :) kramar! annika, precis se5. be5de och och pe5 samma ge5ng. alltihopa. vi hf6r hemma be5de he4r och de4r. i olika perioder. varm kram

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      changing the subject . now as you see my pieoictrdn as being a clairsentient (was told by a premier well known clairsentient that I was with clairsentient abilities) continuing: you can see Cain and his campaign unraveling as I told you it would even before Cain started having this problem.. (you should know perry is indeed behind this ) Now watch Perry try to climb back in ratings, but he has no chance of winning Gingrich and Bachmann will rise in rankings and if this anything but Romney ridiculous attitude continues, they will try to get a new conservative to enter, or watch them get behind Gingrich or Bachman (again). and once again this effort will fail.. You can count on it regardless if a new person the tea party gets behind climbs to the top..Tea Party. I believe in you, but do not believe in your ill fated attempts to get some one elected that will not beat obama. only one man can beat obama. that is Romney . Now as stated I predict the tea party will continue this anybody but Romney ill fated and doomed approached but in the end I predict (I have predicted the winners in advance of elections since I was old enough to vote and I am 65 now yes I predicted obama even though I didnt want him to win). I predict and trust me my clairsentient ability is right again. that Romney will win the GOP nod, and go on to beat obama.. It is locked in stone. And if Romney picks a strong well known conservative as VP then he can win by a bigger margin. (but Cain or Pawlenty should not be the vp nominee or Romney will lose).. Get back with me after the elections and tell me Im right. I will not gloat as I have always been right. But I will be happy that obama will no longer be President. Tea Party. get smart. what I said above you can be assured Im close as can be on what I say.

    • qwark profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello Darrell...You mention the term "spiritual." Exactly what do you mean when you use that term? i.e. "...we really are primarily spiritual beings,..."

      When you say: "in the next realm I (spiritual I) will continue to do some other cosmic activity." what exactly are you referring to?

      DArrell, I am a literalist. Do you connote a "life after life" for the human animal? If so, why? Thank you.


    • profile image

      Darrell Roberts 

      9 years ago

      You are welcome Tamarili2 my pleasure


    • Tamarii2 profile image


      9 years ago from NEW YORK


    • profile image

      Darrell Roberts 

      9 years ago

      Thanks Someonewhoknows,

      The hands are not as fast as the mind. I will try to be more care about the spell checking. Thank you for the feed back.

    • rosariomontenegro profile image


      9 years ago from NEW YORK

      I don't think time exists inherently.

      One day I heard somebody saying that eternity is a dimension of time, and I don't imagine the domain of the ultimate --whatever the name one chooses to give it: Lord, God, the Godhead, ultimate reality-- to belong to time. Anything that manifests belongs to time, from the highest gods to the smallest insect or the last of inhabitants of hellish regions, and most of them are wandering in eternity, in time without beginning. Anyway, do not imagine that I have any definite opinion about this, I'm just an ignoramus. But like you, I like to reflect about it. Thank you for writing about unfathomable things.

      I like the image of the Lord of Yogis, Shri Shiva.

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      9 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      Nice hub liked the idea of the slideshow,butyou need to quote some poetry out of your book. "Spell check"

      nubmer,Inn.I hit the wrong key often myself.I just have to go back and check again.


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