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The Finnish Language

Updated on December 24, 2012
The Flag of Finland
The Flag of Finland | Source

The Finnish language is actually a very beautiful language. It is a language I first heard when listening to classic Disney songs in multilanguage. I have been a big fan of the language since, and have been trying to learn it. Over the few months that I have tried to self-teach myself using the Internet, I have learned a few things about Finnish that I would like to share.


Finnish, is the main language that is spoken in Finland. Another language commonly spoken there is Swedish. Finnish has been known for its colorful sounding words, and I am pretty sure that it has a lot more vowels than most languages. I just found out that it is from the Uralic languages, which is not like a lot of languages in that Nordic region. I will explain some things about the language that I have found out in my studies, but keep in mind that I am not a Finnish professor, and my Finnish will not be perfect!

Why is it Hard to Learn Finnish Online?

It is harder to learn spoken Finnish online, because most of the things that are there are more formal. Although Finns will understand you, it will sound kind of strange to them. For example: "Hyvää Huomenta" means "Good Morning", but that is extremely formal. Instead, you could say, "Huomenta" for "Morning". I also found out that there are shortened forms of words as well. I was translating a song using Google Translate, and I typed in one word that was in the song. Google Translate did not recognize this, and I did not realize what it meant. I figured out what it meant eventually, because I knew the original meaning of the song in English. So in case you are learning Finnish, you need to be wary about using direct online sources.

Popularity of Finnish

To my knowledge, Finnish is not one of the most popular language, with an estimated 5 million speakers worldwide. Many people, however, have found it to be a beautiful language. This is true of J.R.R. Tolkien (author of The Hobbit). I read that he loved the Finnish language, and he learned it to read a Finnish work (The Kalavela) in its original language. He was delighted at finding that language, and he incorporated it in his later books. Finnish is used in Tolkien's Elvish language. Some people just fall in love with the Finnish language (like me), and I think that Finnish is reputed to be a beautiful and musical language.

Simple Phrases

Finnish actually has most of the English letters, including some of the other letters such as "ä". Some English letters such as B, and Z are only used in foreign Finnish words. Here are some simple Finnish Phrases:

  • "Hei!"-This means "hello", and you can also say "Moi" or "Terve"
  • "Mita Kuuluu?"-This means "How are you?" , but I am not sure if that is the formal one or not.
  • "Hyvää"-This means "Good" or "Fine" in response to the first question.
  • "Minun nimeni on..."-This means "My name is..."

Pronounciation might be a little bit complex for American speakers so I have put a link below for help in pronounciation. Some people do not have any problem with pronounciation. It all matters where you are from, and what your native language is. Another tip is that you always roll your r's.

Where I First Heard Finnish

I Wonder Finnish


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    • profile image

      Sanni 4 years ago

      I'm from Finland. I'ts weird when people say "Finnish is beautiful language" i think it is ugly, because i hear it every day :D

      But nice if you like Finnish.

    • profile image

      Uralian 4 years ago

      "I would also like to comment that Finnish is also one of the Germanic based languages, similar to Dutch, Belgian, and Danish."

      You're thinking of Swedish. Finnish is not even distantly related to any of those languages.

    • The Mustache profile image

      The Mustache 5 years ago from United States of America

      I love learning new languages too! Thank you for commenting!

    • pitzele profile image

      pitzele 5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I do enjoy learning new languages but have not yet tried to learn Finnish. Perhaps that will be my next one! I would also like to comment that Finnish is also one of the Germanic based languages, similar to Dutch, Belgian, and Danish.