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Egyptian Mythology: The Great Quarrel

Updated on May 4, 2008

Beginning of The Great Quarrel

After Osiris was buried, Horus prepared himself to do his part in order to bring his father back to life. He led Isis and Nephthys the World of the Dead, where they found Osiris. Then, the two goddesses gave the magically words that would bring Osiris new life. Gradually, the dead god came back to life; he began to breathe, his eyelids fluttered, and he moved his limbs.

Horus then removed his eternal eye and placed it in Osiris's mouth, directing him to swallow it. Immediately, Osiris became stronger and regained the ability to see, speak, and walk.

Atum made Horus the God of the Afterlife and with Anubis, he would rule the World of the Dead.

This means that with the change of power, Horus was, also the King of the Upper and Lower Egypt. Osiris began to teach Horus how to use the weapons of war and encouraged his son to take vengeance upon Set.

Isis and Osiris
Isis and Osiris

The Great Quarrel

Horus and Set fought each other, first in the form of men and then in the form of bears.

The battle was so fierce that it lasted for three days and three nights. Osiris, Isis, and Amum watched the progress of teh battle.

When Horus finally took Set prisoner, everyone was flooded with joy, but once Horus conquered Set, Isis felt pity for him and with her father's magical power of words, she told Horus to drop his weapons. He found himself powerless and couldn't resist.

In spite of his own intentions, Horus's weapons fell to the ground and Set was free.

Horus was filled with rage and hatred towards his mother. Questioning his mother's intent, his grandfather's will to let her stop him, and his father's cause for letting her stop him.

No one replied to the accusations, and Horus watched as Set fled.

Horus tore after Isis and fought with her fiercely as he had with Set, so fierce, in fact, that he cut off her head.

Amun used his power of words to to reattach Isis's head to her body.

Horus the Falcon God
Horus the Falcon God

Horus knew that he had to let Set go for the time being, but Set was still determined to be king of the Upper and Lower Egypt.

Set tried to acquire the throne by accusing Horus of being Isis's illegitimate child and so not the legal heir to the kingdom. However, when the gods met in assembly to discuss the matter, Amun, convinced them that Horus was indeed the legitimate child of the pair.

The Lord of the Devine brought forth a scale and weighted the testimony of Set and Osiris. When the balance registered in favor of Osiris, he Isis, and Horus were all recognized as speakers of truth.

Osiris became the Judge of the Dead in the Hall of Judgement, where he would weight the hearts of the deceased.

Even still, Set did not give up. Two more times, he challenged Horus, and two more times he lost. Finally, Set accepted Horus's right to rule Osiris's kingdom.

It cam to pass that the assembly of gods formally acclaimed Horus to be Lord of All the Earth as his father had been before him. Horus was once again established order and justice with his reign.

Sine he had been born the seed of his dead father, Horus was chosen to be an intermediary between the living and the dead. Men and woman would pray to him while they were still alive, asking him to notice their good lives and plead with Osiris for their resurrection after death.

Horus inherited Osiris's kingdom, and Isis remained with Osiris in the Other World for the rest of eternity.


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