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Start A Happiness Box? Why Not?

Updated on January 26, 2011
The Happiness Box
The Happiness Box

Glancing at a newspaper or turning on a television set only reminds us of the economic woe and turmoil our country now experiences. Millions of individuals have lost their jobs and some face foreclosure on their homes. Though times will eventually improve, today the picture can appear rather bleak.

In succumbing to daily media bombardment, however, we often forget about all the positives that are also a part of life. The good too often gets overlooked. Ever try creating a happiness box? A happiness box helps refocus on what really matters. It may put a smile back on your face and fill you with a needed bit of gratitude.

Half the fun in making this box is the enjoyment received while filling it up. Use careful thought and let the satisfaction and happiness you feel while making it last longer. Allow it to fill the heart with love.

In the happiness box, names and images are collected that may have been forgotten about, but really matter. Moments that could have been taken for granted and lovely experiences are now accounted for. These are some of the real treasures of life and revisiting often fills us with a conviction that life is good!

Take as much time as you need in each step of this process. Several days spent on any one phase is certainly not out of the question.

Day One

Look for a suitable container or box--a shoe box that could be decorated will do or you may be lucky enough to have a special box that you have been saving for a special purpose. You may want to start small and later upgrade in size, but the box should be large enough, at first, to contain a variety of small items and writings. Follow the urge to decorate.

Day Two

Find pictures of close friends and family. However,not everyone will deserve a place in this special box, and you will decide who gets in. But how pleasant it is to look back and think about those old friends we truly miss! If you can not find their pictures, write down their names and place them in the box anyway. Of course, giving a surprise phone call explaining your mission would be fun and therapeutic for you both.

Day Three

Think about places you haven't been to in a while--places that have given you pleasure in the past. It could be as simple as that old oak you used to climb as a kid and look down from and just dreamed. Or perhaps it was a reading nook in a small town library or college campus. Vacations usually bring fond memories of special out-of-the-way places that you want to return to. If you do not have photos on hand, describe on paper the images in your mind and then drop them into the box.

Day Four

Special moments are times we often love to revisit in our heads, though some do slip by over the years. It's good to stop and recall. Looking at an old merit badge or ribbon can bring back even more special feelings. Remembering to help an old friend in need or spending an afternoon assisting at a food shelter are special moments. Can you recall your first Christmas, the best gift you ever made or the struggle, then joy in overcoming an obstacle? Do you remember your first kiss? A philosopher once said that life is made of the high points and low points and everything between really doesn't matter. Let's dwell on those high points. If you have any miscellaneous items such as ticket stubs, greeting cards or pieces of jewelry related to special moments, place those momentos in your box.

Day Five

More so than we realize, we are individuals. We all have preferences as to what will please us and make us happy. Brainstorm for a while, if you can, what various things make you happy. For some, making this list may be difficult, and if so, this is an exercise in getting to know yourself better. (It's difficult at times to decide if we don't know ourselves.) Write down names of favorite songs and artists, foods you enjoy, and lists of stories--either in literature or film--that you never want to forget.

What are the dreams you would like fulfilled? Try to imagine that you have accomplished one of them. How does it feel? Keep the images and feelings in your mind and replay them often. Hold that vibration as long as possible. The law of attraction will now be working for you. That dream's occurrence is now more likely to manifest.

Day Six

Last, but certainly not least, is remembering what makes us laugh. Recalling funny moments with people is a must. Do you know some really good jokes? Write them down and include as part of your box. If you are not a funny person, loosen up a bit. Go to the library and stock up on humor. Write down funny movies and comedians you have seen and enjoyed.

Can you think of anything else to put in your box? Then, at this point your happiness box should be complete. You have given proper care and attention to its contents, and the result should reward you with a smile each time you open it. Designed by you and for your eyes only, this box is truly a treasure and a positive reflection on your life.

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