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What We Have In Our Mind

Updated on July 15, 2014

Mind Reality

The open mind it takes to be able to filter both negative and positive has led me to great spiritual growth and can open many opportunties as it did me.. (Weight loss is one for me) i have never sought out evil energies they started to try and connect the moment i found The Father, Son and Holy Spirit..some energies tried to find their way back where they came from. some tried to connect with people around me and some are my angels giving me signs of whats to come... My Holy Spirit is what gives me the clear definition of when a person, place or thing is not going to create a positive situation..Some situations are clear as day as the "board" some tug on your heart strings and present itself in the most manipulative heart warming way and kill softly(example: people; family, friends etc) ... But i regain the necessary strength through prayer and meditation.. Im just sharing hear as this page has confirmed what my life has been full of and i always tried to put the puzzle together but never understood it until i found God AND the greater energy that roams the Earth looking for its next victim.. im just sharing because someone may need a testimony other than the page admin to see past and beyond what you actually see and read.

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

"We notice with many of you is that you do a good job of launching a creation, but then you do not maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and then as you do not maintain your vibrational harmony with it, nothing happens and then you get discouraged, and then you start observing the fact that nothing has happened, so those little episodes of desiring become more fleeting. In other words you don’t really learn to harness the power of your ability to focus."

"As you begin to notice that there is absolute correlation what you have been thinking, and how you feel about it and what manifests, then you begin to understand that it is really worthwhile to become more selective in the thoughts that you think about past, present or future. In other words, you get to choose.

Begin to recognize that from wherever you are, you can get to wherever you want to be. Just be willing to make it incremental."

Power of Mind

Explanation of The Vortex

All thoughts contain vibrational energy. All thoughts related to things that you desire are sent out to the universe and remain there. To simplify this compare all your thoughts to something like a database of thoughts that you continue to build upon. The database continues to grow and grow. Your deepest desires that contain high emotional energy are also at a very high vibration. These high vibrational thoughts or desires from past thinking always exist, spinning around in a vortex like fashion waiting for you and your current thoughts to line up with them. In other words you must raise your vibrational energy by thinking good positive thoughts about all that you desire. See yourself already their, having all that you desire. When you think like this your thoughts attain a higher vibration level, matching up with the high vibrational thoughts that exist, or are spinning around in your vortex. Once this vibrational alignment occurs, and does so on a consistent level, the manifestation of all that you desire occurs. To simplify think of the Vortex as a "state of bliss" where you feel good, where your emotions contain high positive energy. In this state of bliss you attract because you are lining up with all things (your desires) that are simply waiting for you within your vortex of creation. In summary; Get this thinking right,understand how to be in the vortex and watch your thinking change. Also, someone mentioned within this post mentioned being in the vortex is like some form of meditation. This is not true. Being in the vortex is simply a state of bliss, all is good, you feel good and you do so because your thoughts are positive (high vibration) and are becoming consistently more positive more and more each and every day. Now, Some people find that reaching this state, or thinking positive on a consistent basis, to be very difficult (it does take effort for it to become habit) therefore some may find that "meditation" if they know how to meditate, will bring them into the vortex faster or more consistently. So be happy, think good thoughts so you can be tuned in, tapped in, in and turned on at all times (in the vortex). Please note that all the Abraham-Hicks books explain the vortex in detail.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Satendra,welcome to HubPages. This is a good place to learn and grow as a writer. Thank you for sharing these deep thoughts.