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The History of Chile

Updated on March 12, 2013
A historical place from Chile
A historical place from Chile

Chile is a country that is located South America which was the home of the Quechua tribe that inhabited the northern region and then there was also another tribe that were called the Araucanian and that tribe lived in the central region and also the northern area which is part of central Chile. There would also be sometimes wars about the Araucanian tribe who otherwise held the Incas at the bay which took over most of the major parts of the country.

The discovery of Chile

The country of Chile was first seen by Spanish settlers who then where established in the mid-sixteenth century Santiago in 1541 and Conception in 1550. Furthermore a army from Spain had tried to do just that by discovering the country in 1541 a Spanish conquistador by the name of Pedro Valdavia was the one who passed into the central valley, That also followed the Inca route all the way to South from Peru he also established strongholds there. In 1553 a behaviour not familiar to some of the Spaniard Valdavia they otherwise hung him to a tree and beheaded him.

By the next four hundred years the Spanish similar to the Incas saw it as inappropriate to have a major defensive presence in the central valley which follows the Inca road that goes south from Peru. He also founded the major city and capital of Chile which was named Santiago in February while the centuries went on the region parts that where under the control of the Spanish where allowed to do some trading with people from Peru the privateers swarmed along the coast by then the country of Chile had started to gain it's independence away from Spain in the year of 1817. After seven years of warfare that took place moreover the Mapuche region of Chile from the south had otherwise been independent of the Spanish people the Mapuche had successfully been able to hold themselves away from the Spanish rule till the end of the century after a huge amount of settlers conquered their land to live.

The Independence of Chile

Even-though the fight for the independence of Chile led the country to have a system of a more representative democracy to its government and also the political history from Chile has not always been an easy one. In 1970 a Marxist government from Senator Salvador Allende who was also a member of Chlie's socialist party and headed the popular unity coalition of socialist, communist, radicals, as well as dissident christian democrats of the nation. They also won a number of votes that were made in a three way contest while also being named as the president by the Chilean congress some of his programs offered the nationalization of private industries and banks acceleration of agrarian reform and land expropriation, collectivization. Salvador's program also included the nationalization of U.S. interest with Chile's major cooper mines. With Salvadors attempt to change the structure and the direction of the state which then later on it resulted into another political crisis.

In 1973 a right wing government with the control of General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte looked over for the power with the help of the United States central Intelligence Agency that's when by that time Allende was killed in a coup and the government of Pinochet obtained some power for the next decade and a half. By 1990 he somewhat failed in gaining popularity during his ruling after that Pinochet gaved the rights of presidency to Patricio Alwin Azocar otherwise after that Chile's political status became stable although sometimes there are still fights between the military and the government as well mainly the causes of fighting rebolt where about the problems of human rights that the country had when Pinochet was in session.

The population of Chile

The population of this country consists of mestizos who came from the marriage of the Spanish colonizers and the indigenous people some of the indigenous tribes that still exist are the Aymara from the north, the Mapuche who total in their population at about 100,000 and also still occupy the forested area of the lake district. Another thing to know is that Chile is also the residence of millions of immigrants who moved to Chile for a better life the immigrants were from minor populations of Europe some groups are basques and Palestinians. Some of the mestizo groups that have lived in the country of Chile have started to make the issue of race a minor problem more than the issue of the different class groups and up to this day it is still a conflict problem that is being affected sometimes.

Some of the people from Chile are more located in the central valley of the country. One of the major languages of Chile is Spanish but then there are also some indigenous languages that are still spoken by some Indian people those referring to Indian dialects for example the people that reside in the north side speak Aymara people from the south mapuche and people that come from Easter Island they speak the Polynesian language of Rapa Nui.


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