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The Human Being and its Intrinsic Formations

Updated on October 29, 2014

The human being. Homosapien as a species. The most advanced creation of life on Earth. The sentient force within our nature, desire, and elemental drive to be connected, heard, respected, loved, understood, appreciated, and recognized. But from this nature, we grow to become selfless, externally conditioned, superficial, and in essence distracted from the true measure for what we can achieve in actuality. Our cognitive form and potential is conditionally constricted in a shell. Persistently compressed after attaining evolutive qualities which transiently cause a minute pulse of transcendence within the intrinsic element of an individual's consciousness. Yet because of its convolution and incomprehensibility, other human beings will persuade an attitude of disregard, ergo ignorance and aversion to dissuade this influence from entering into their flow of idiosyncratic thoughts, values, ideologies, conceptual representations within the culture and structure of life for which one belongs to, and the identity for who, what, and how that individual was once formed.

The influence of change must be fermented and transfigured within. Contemplated with deep elucidation and empirical justification for its validity of subjective value. To feel and show its purpose and usefulness in order to be internalized and habitually imprinted throughout ones life. The illusion of knowledge must be refreshed to form a measure of clarity, mindfulness, and awareness in the individual consciousness. But to refresh and clear away what is known, one must cognize and gravitate this one fundamental truth. That ignorance and all that it represents is instilled within us and through us from our actions and inactions by way of our thoughts, attitudes, values, and patterns for which we have not yet experienced, investigated, and understood. For if what we know, think, and believe does not first originate from within, then how can we know and identify what we know as right, honest, just, and true in this life by the mere influence of others. Do we let others dictate how we should live our lives or do we discover this for ourselves?

Empty what is known to open the doors of perception and the realm of knowledge. To see the patterns and behavior of others and explore further the ignorance all around. The limitedness amongst the infinite capacity of what can be known and in fact palpable through the senses.


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