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The Human Body & Electromagnetism

Updated on August 5, 2015

Electrical lightning

Lightning storm
Lightning storm | Source


The body and its external environment especially the earth are interconnected by the molecules and atoms in the physical, bio-physical, and emotionally reactive world we all live in. We are in and from a string of DNA molecules that are relative in the earth's atmosphere because, if we were not we could not live in this atmosphere.

Magnetism according to the law of physics and the new world encyclopedia is a phenomena by which materials exert attractiveness or repulsiveness to forces in and out of the atmosphere. It occurs whenever electrically charged particles (atoms or molecules) are in motion ( That is why lightning is attracted to our bodies because we act like an electrical conductor to the lightning and it is a response to the electromagnetic sphere each and everyone on the planet maintains.

Our body is an electromagnetic sphere that is in constant electrically charged motion sending signals back and forth to the brain, muscles, organs, and tissues. We maintain this sphere with electrical pulses and by our own bloodstream.

The earth is full of materials that could be electrically charged by conduction (Sweat: Body Flicker or ( Mainly, it is the minerals, rock, irons, and steel like Lodestone or Amber that are the more potent conductors that are very conductive and are materials here on earth. Iron is one of the many components we maintain in our bodies. The earth itself is a giant magnet in our electromagnetic environment. When you think about it our body reacts and responds just like the exterior atmosphere (the earth) by what we put in it and are exposed to.

Magnetic behavior contains energy just like energy is employed by our bodies and is sustained by many different energies of atoms, molecules, neurons, photons, and electrical charges that are simultaneously interacting with its environment and internal sphere.

(Skins: Changing Hues, or (

The body is an electromagnetic sphere that is constantly and continually in motion with convection, conductance, evaporation, and temperature changes. Heat and cold are temperatures that maintain the level of changes in response and reaction to our exterior environment.

The body could be considered to be Diamagnetism that is a form of magnetism exhibited by a substance only in the presence of an externally applied magnetic field but we are both Diamagnetism and magnetism in a traditional sense because of our composition internally that is electrically charged.

We interact with and engage with our environment internally and externally. We are engaged in magnetic energy and activity through many different processes within our inner world and outer world; especially when we exercise, eat, drink, and are active in our natural environment.

The body could interact with crystalline minerals that may be affective spontaneously or by a friction with the elements. Magnets that are made of nickel, cobalt, and Lodestone also interact with the body. Another material that the body could interact with is ceramics that contain iron oxide they are components of electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism could occur while there are thunderstorms and electric bolts being slung down to earth. They have an effect on the body and are electrically charged where it could affect both the internal and external environment.

A magnetic field is an invisible physical phenomena caused (induced) by an electric current.

For the most part hospitals, clinics, and different entities employ magnetic or electrically charged remedies or methods in discovery or health diagnostics. For example, MRI are electrical impulses that diagnose health problems, radiation is a form or electrical therapy that is derived from the chemical and physical components that we are made of to enhance or improve our health. EKGS and EEGS are magnetic response detectors that detect rates and measure rates of heartbeat and blood-flow.

Volume 1, Issue 34, 4-6-2013


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