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The Immune System at a Glance Part III

Updated on June 25, 2008

MSG and its Dangers ............This flavor enhancer is an exotoxin!

Are you sure what you are eating
Are you sure what you are eating

MSG and its dangers! Part 1

Are you poisoning yourself slowly?


While we're on this subject of the immune system at a glance and the foods, which contribute to its suppression, lets don't forget to add these ingredients found in most processed food in the market today.

We mentioned sugar and its substitute, Aspartame. When you read these ingredients on the label, because they are poison and toxic to the human system, you should immediately think of the scull and cross bones, that used to be put on all products that we're deadly poison. Whoa!!! Did I say "skull and bones???

MSG and its dangers! Part 2

Is MSG really an enhancer or is it just a slow poison?

Anyway, lets add a few more to that list of no, no, ingredients to our list, starting with Mono-sodium Glutamate (also labeled as gelatin, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, textured protein, natural flavoring and yeast extract. They probably have more names for MSG now, as they are always trying to hide it in our food. But because consumers are becoming more and more aware of their tactics, the food processors are constantly coming up with new names, approved by our wonderful prestigious FDA, to try and hoodwink the consumer and me.

MSG is used as an additive to enhance the flavor of food, and you as a consumer, should know of some of the side affects of MSG.. Just to name a few; headaches, numbness, flushing, tingling, weakness, muscles aches and shortness of breathe. ...most of all, weakening of the immune system.

MSG and its dangers! Part 3

What about hydrogenated oils?

Another common additive, some say good things, while some say bad things, is caffeine. It is added to most sodas, drugs and of course coffee. It's often used as a stimulant and/or diuretic. Caffeine is known to rob the body of the much-needed potassium and other minerals while dehydrating the system.

Hydrogenated oils, this is one of the many additives to food that really should be banned from use. It's been around since the early 1930's, approved as an additive to food by know who!!! It's found in almost all processed foods, baked goods, dressings, baby formulas, fast foods and such products as non- dairy creamers.

These artificial fats oxidize quickly in the body, causing free radical damage, which destroy cells and cause genetic damage while shutting down the immune system.

MSG and its dangers! Part 4

Are nutrients taking a back seat to your health?

Because of our "lifestyle habits" and with most of our food intake in this country being processed and packaged food, fast food restaurants and grab a snack at the corner "sugar shack", we satisfy our taste buds and fill our stomach, but the much needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients take a back seat to our personal health needs.

Sooo, understanding how our "lifestyle habits" affect our overall health and our immune system, it's the first step toward having a happy healthier body.

Are we having fun yet, because that's my story and I'm sticking to it?

What next? ....Part IV


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    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Your dad is a wise man. It is hard to get people to realize how dangerous MSG really is. Believe it or not ...It was in the late '60 ..they banned accent (pure MSG). and then all of a sudden, it showed up on the market again and it was in everything. They even hide it in secondary ingredients. Now if it were so good ...why do they hide it? But eveything is by design ..I won't go there. But I am so glad you are aware.

      Stop by again and thanks for joining my fans best to you and your health!

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      10 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      My dad has repeatedly warn us of the dangers of MSG. So we make sure we don't use that at home..and when we go to restaurants, he would request for no msg on our food. :) Thanks for this informative hub.

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks Chaser ..If only people would not think ...oh I don't use that much of the stuff. You know the deal ...just like smoking ...just a little bit ...might as well do it all the time. Paying attention to what we eat is the hardest thing that we have to do in our life ...then the rest comes easy ..because we might not have to worry if we are going to get sick or not. We are what we eat! Simple! Thank you for stopping by and my best to you and your health!

    • chaser4 profile image


      10 years ago

      Hey Gj Cody....glad to see your still on the immune system. Without it we would be as George Carlin would say...down the tube!! Thanks for doing the homework for us. We all need to know this information...but just don't have the time to research it. Your Hubs keep us in the loop. Catch you the next time around.

    • gjcody profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thank you steve for coming by. I appreciate your comment ..will look forward to seeing you again ...My best to you and your health!

    • stevemark122000 profile image


      10 years ago from Southern California

      Nice Hub! Lots of valuable information.


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