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Why are Young Teenagers giving up on Education? The Importance of Education in Today’s Society

Updated on September 17, 2013

The Importance of Education in Today's Society

In almost each class I took in High School there was a small banner with a quote that stated, "In 30 years from now it won’t matter how you wore your hair, the shoes you wore or the clothes you wore, what will matter is what you’ve learned and how you’ve used it".

Years ago, it was acceptable to not have a high school diploma and still get a job. Now that the economy has changed employers are looking for individuals that possess a college degree, knowledge, experience, and skills to do the job. There are thousands of jobs around the world with empty cubicles because employers feel the majority of job seekers don’t have the skills or personality for the job. In addition, it’s not simple to know exactly what employers look for in a candidate, but some employers seek individuals who possess benevolent organizational skills, communicational skills, flexibility, motivation, passion, and a degree.

Education is important in today’s society because you can acquire wisdom that can help you make better decisions and become a better thinker. Why not learn? There is nothing wrong with learning new subjects. If this is the case; why are there thousands of high school dropouts? Let me tell you. High school students give up and believe that they cannot achieve their goals and be successful in life. But they are mistaken. Do not believe this because there is hope and the future waits for each high school student to bring forth their contributions. The world needs more doctors, lawyers, school teachers, dentists, inventors, judges, police officers, web graphic designers, musicians, artists, nurses, technicians, paleontologists, writers, and poets.

High School Dropout Statistics in the U.S.

  • There are 3,030,000 students who drop out of school annually
  • There are 8,300 students who drop out of school each day
  • 75% of crimes are committed by individuals who drop out of school
  • A high school drop out earns about $18,990 a year

High School Graduation Statistics in the U.S.

  • A high school graduate can earn $28,763 each year
  • High school graduates contribute more to state and federal taxes, which goes to schools and public buildings

Do not hide your wisdom and do something constructive such as volunteer at a Boys and Girls club, in your local community or become a mentor to help someone who is less fortunate. Each person needs to learn who they are and define their personality, skills, likes and dislikes, as well as interests to help determine what type of career he or she would like to have. It’s fine if you live in poverty or live within a biracial family. Do not let this discourage you based on what people articulate about you because what does not hurt you make you stronger.

Most teens believe that college is too expensive, but that is not necessarily true because you can apply for Federal Student Aid and receive Cal grants if you qualify. Attending a 2-year College or 4-year University can be very beneficial because you’ll have the opportunity to choose a major of your choice and study several different types of subjects. All of the wisdom you obtain can be utilized in your career as well as in the development of a business. Furthermore, there are Colleges and Universities that offer students who earn a 3.5 or higher a scholarship as long as the students keep up their grades.

Do not give up on yourself or your dreams because life if what you make it. Stay in school, write out your goals, go to college, major in what you are interested in, and believe in yourself because education is the key to success.

Tips to Help Pay for College

FAFSA on the Web

Federal Pell Grant

Child Development Grant

Law Enforcement Grant

Foster Youth Grants

Free Scholarship Directories


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    • silverwitch profile image

      silverwitch 5 years ago from louisiana

      i think education is very important in life,cause you learn all the time.