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The Inside Of Chenille Letter

Updated on November 30, 2012


The Chenille letter is one of the finest earned letter in the United States that is issued on the brilliance and distinction in school activities. The Chenille letter is the proof that the title-holder was the most qualified and suitable team member and is being awarded because of meeting the required standards. This letter is indeed a great reward made by Chenille. The outstanding performer will wear the badge with school name written on his jacket.

How Chenille letter looks?

When a letter is earned, a beautiful pin is attached with the earned letter having some typical shape like football or soccer ball, some kind of horn, some note or any shape embossed on it. By using thousands of colors, fonts and other styles, anyone can make a unique but elegant letter.

How to earn a Chenille letter?

Normally a student receives only one letter and keeps on adding pins on it which he earned. But this is not necessary. A student can earn multiple letters according to his achievements.

There are different types of letters; each one having different way to earn. These letters are as follows:

1. Athletic Letter

2. Activities Letter

3. Academic Letter

4. Junior Varsity Letter

Athletic Letter

Earning athletic letter criteria varies according to the schools or institutes which are organizing the sports. Like some needs minimum level of performance while some demands to go through the tackles provided, while some are only seeking for such team member who is most regular.

Activities Letter

Activities letters are issued for marvelous performance in some artistic activity like drama or music. It is mostly issued on performance in special events so not much distinguishable from the athletic letter.

Academic Letter

Academic letter is awarded to only those students who have scored highest percentage like above 80% or 3.8 or higher G.P.A. As the word academic implies, this letter is earned only by showing outstanding performance in study related stuff.

Junior Varsity Letter

Some of the institutes or schools awarded the student with junior varsity letter which is same in design but comparatively smaller than a varsity or chenille letter.

General Requirements for Chenille letter

The general requirements for a chenille letter are identical for almost all schools and colleges in the United States. For every kind of game, they have specified criteria like how many games a player has to win of a specified sport.


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