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The Intelligent Dinosaur: Troodons

Updated on April 24, 2013

They seemed to have hunted in small packs with razor sharp teeth and are considered the most intelligent of dinosaurs with their large brain. Its two large eyes were keen and at night, were used for night vision. The animal was not more than three feet tall, 10 feet long and weighed about 130 lbs. They are like a Raptor and communicate by clicking sounds. Like today's Komodo Dragon, it has venom to paralyze its victim. Once it occurs, the remains are dragged to a location for a feast.

These dino birds were around Asia and North America about 65 million years ago. They were first discovered in 1856. But, until 1983, little was known about them from fossils. It is thought that their intelligence might compare to a racoon, which is a complement because most dinos then were fairly brain dead. The female would give birth to a few babies and would care for them for period of time. When hunting in a pack of 3-5, they were as deadly as any T. Rex, akin to a pack of hyenas. Because of their long legs, they are thought to be very fast on their feet.


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