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The Joy of Freelance Writing

Updated on April 28, 2012

$500.00 Dollar Saturday Jobs

The joy of writing; marketing yourself to get paid more, making your “Good Client List” longer, and from my point of view, getting paid a lot of money for simple writing assignments. Of course you do not want to pass up a $500.00 dollar article job on a Saturday. And you do want to be "referred" by your clients for future writing projects.

Drinking Coffee and Good Sleep Patterns Pays Off

Getting paid for your hard-working efforts and smelling that first cup of coffee in the morning as you journey down the road to your next, paid-writing assignment, is just the beginning. It’s like you’re on “$5000.00 Dollars Per Month Writer Road” and on this road are clients willing to pay for your style of writing. Or maybe it’s the joy of not getting paid but enjoying writing as a hobby. Whatever your case might be, a good night’s sleep and coffee are only two important ingredients for being a productive writer. And for some reason, drinking coffee in the morning does make your mind sharper than J.R.R. Tolkien’s quill, however, coffee and a good night’s sleep isn’t enough for my writing skills.

Developing Your Writing Style, Building Your Vocabulary

A good vocabulary and an urge to constantly read about current topics everyday add more to my writing style and that’s how I describe my idea of how writing brings joy to my life.

Typing Fast Does Increase Your Productivity And Stay Away From $1.00 Per Article Job Assignments

Oh and being a fast-typist also helps me out too because I consider myself being more productive by blasting out 70 words per minute on the keyboard. Just don’t write a hundred articles at a dollar per 500 word article pay rate because you will get paid pennies for taking on those jobs being operated by article mills. Just looking at that $1.00 per article pay rate is not joyous! Lastly, organization skills is also a must because if you can’t organize the ideas in your brain into words and form sentences quickly and correctly, the entire world of great literature and writing will call you a “scatter brain.” “Scatter brain” makes me laugh so hard. Did I miss anything so far about the joy of writing from my point of view?

Discuss Payment With Your Client, Get A Paypal Account

The joy of freelance writing can be joyous or evil! Make sure you discuss compensation, pay rate, how much you charge per word, per 500 words, per 1000 words, etc. because clients will burn you, meaning, after all your hard-working efforts, you won’t get paid one penny. But hey, if you had a million clients paying a dollar for each writing assignment, you’ll think you’ve secured $1 million dollars into your checking account right? Not all clients will pay so make sure you get paid up front or discuss a method of payment such as a free PayPal account, wire transfer, check in the mail, etc. PayPal is cool because they accept payments from many countries and also the payments can be instantly transferred into your checking account. Also, state your terms of work or agreement, meaning, you won’t begin work until you’ve been paid at least half of the writing assignment up front which is always the best way to go.


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