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The Kinkiest Sexual Harassment Cases

Updated on August 25, 2010

 OMG. Are you ready for the most weird, kinky, disgusting sexual harassment cases showing up in court?

A chief executive in a brokerage firm pins a woman on the floor by putting his shoe on her right breast.

A supervisor demanded that women should outfit themselves in Vaseline and work nude.

A boss in HR of a company asked a woman what color were her panties.

A president of a company is said to have pulled a subordinates pants down in front of her coworkers. That case was settled for $21,000.

A sewing machine operator who stood bottomless in front of coworkers after her box removed her pants.

BUT, the kinkiest and most gross is the Michael Lallana case of August 17. This 31 yr.old was arrested. He was a former director at Northwestern Mutual Finance in Los Angeles. Charged with two misdeameanors, one for offensive material in a public place and sexual gratification. It seems (now the disgusting stuff) Mike entered into a woman's office and jacked off into her water bottle on her desk while she was not present. Later, she drank it and got sick. He and she did this again months later. However, the second time she actually consumed the semen and that is when she called the police.

Hmm, what about the first time???? nothing odd in the water?

She saved the semen and police matched the semen to Mike's DNA. Busted.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      well, a slap on the hand since they are not felonies. Probably up to a year in the county jail.

    • Lucas H. profile image

      Lucas H. 7 years ago from Las Cruces, New Mexico

      HA, take that pedo bear. wonder what the punishment will be.