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The Largest Community in Antarctica

Updated on July 1, 2011
McMurdo  Station at night
McMurdo Station at night
A penguin and a snowman
A penguin and a snowman

When you read the title for this article you are probably thinking of some village tribe of Eskimo’s huddled together trying to stay warm, but you would wrong. This is an article on a community in Antarctica aka the south pole. If you want an article on the north pole and thus Eskimos I suggest you read a different article. The south pole has two things that the north pole doesn’t. The south pole as penguins, which are Giant Reptiles that once rules the earth. And the second thing the south pole as is McMurdo Station.
McMurdo Station was establish in 1956, and was established with the idea of becoming a hub for scientific and logistical operations. The Antarctic Treat was signed and created in 1959. The treaty to date has been signed by over 47 different country with that idea of cooperation of scientific pursuit on the only continent with no indigenous people. The Articles are as follows:
Article 1: Area to be used for peaceful purposes only- so no government experiment of turning penguins into the ultimate killing machine.
Article 2: Freedom of scientific ivestigations and cooperation shall continue-
Article 3: Free exchange of infornation and personnel cooperation with the Unite Nations and other international agencies
Article 4: Treaty does not recognize, dispute nor establish territorial sovereignty claims
Article 5: The treat prohibits nuclear explosions or dispoals of radioactive wastes (this station use to have its own miniatures nuclear reactor which at the time save more the 1,500 gallons of fuel per day).
Article 6: Includes under the treaty all land and ice shelves but not surrounding the waters south of 60 degrees 00 minutes south
Article 7: Treat-state observers have free access, including aerial observation, to any area and may inspect all stations, installations and equipment; advanced notice of all activities and of the interlocution of military personnel must be given
Article 8: Allows for jurisdiction over observers and scientists by their respective states
Article 9: Frequent consultative meetings take place among members nations
Article 10: Its your duty to discourage activities which violate this treaty
Article 11: All disputes to be settled peacefully and by parties concerned
Article 12,13,14 Deal with upholding, and interpreting the treaty
Article 15: Don’t feed the polar bears (another North Pole only thing)

The station accommodates over 1200 people in the summer months and 200 in the winter. During the winter months there is a period where the weather is so bad that nobody can get in or out! Back in 1999 you might have heard the story about the Doctor (Dr. Jerri Nielsen) who while working at an Antarctic station discovered from a self breast examination that she had a lump. Upon giving herself a needle biopsy she discovered that the tumor was malignant. While emergencies supplies were airdropped to her location (United States Amundsen-Scoot South Pole Research Station) she could not be airlifting out for several month when the weather conditions improved.

Why would anyone want to work at the south pole? Well this writer/nurse can honestly tell you that the pay is definitely not in it. You only get paid a little more then you would working in a lot less dangerous environment. Now that being said you get room and board and you don’t really have many places to spend your hard earned cash. Plus you get plenty of work hours with a 50 hour work week. On your off time, weather permitting you can explore the surrounding areas. See things that I bet none of your friends can brag about. Plus you get to put on your resumes that you worked on the coldest place in the world.


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    • Seth Winter profile imageAUTHOR

      Seth Winter 

      7 years ago from Shingletown, California

      The scientists have a saying in Antarctica you don't have to be the fastest scientist you just have to be faster then Bob, the overweight scientist who has really bad asthma problems.

      Personally I think it would be a neat place to work at least for 1 year.

    • jessica10265 profile image


      7 years ago

      I don't think anything could convince me to work in a place that cold, plus I'd be afraid the penguin reptiles would eat me.


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