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The Learning Process

Updated on January 16, 2018
The0NatureBoy profile image

Educated by farms, lawn, newsboy, sales, USAF, construction, trucker, telephone jobs, life experiences & metal & wood in 12 yrs. of school.

Their Definitions

The base word of Educate is “Edu” from an organ I have since forgotten where, it is said to be defined as “to bring forth from within.”

The words School derived from observing what is known as a ‘school of fish’ that follows a leader and defines school as “a mass following a leader even to their demise”.

Educating and Schooling

By those definitions it isn’t possible to attend school to become educated, schooling is the altering one’s mental vision. When looking forward one can see approximately 95 degrees left and right without moving their eyes allowing 360 degrees vision when the head turns 90 degrees in both directions. The womb reduces one’s mental vision first, babyhood instructions, religious instructions, public school followed by college keep reducing it until a PhD makes it tunnel vision. Thus, people are no longer able to mentally see anything except their needs and attachment requirements around their PhD.

Observing schools of fish we find a mass of fish following a single leader therefore when man attend school they began what is also called “a brainwashing” for man-en-mass to obey leaders. Punishment and reward is the cause of man-children becoming obedient to parents achieved only after being conditioned into the good/evil and like/dislike mentalities. Once instilled they are human-/woman-children rather than man-children.

The schooling process began in the womb. Until recently it appeared unrealized by human for not recognizing what mothers say and do doing gestation enters the fetus’ consciousness. The mothers saying “good/evil” and the other judgmental adjectives, “I must buy, I need, I want, I can, I can’t” and the other halves human recognize and use the fetus remembers. After birth that schooling is enforce with punishment and reward and terms miss defined by religion and schools. Thus, by the time a child is allowed to leave the nest – environmentally 12 years are adolescence and civilization 18 years are adults – they know nothing else except to follow leaders. That is why when paraphrased Genesis 2:24 reads, “to become a man again one must leave parent’s teaching and cling to the opposite attribute woven from them and the two attributes will become one within the flesh of each.”

Education’s process is the “bringing forth from within one’s self” and require an objective mind “void of” or “seeking to void” the judgmental adjectives embedded in us since conception. Thereby, human are unable to educate themselves without some form of school countering assistance. A biblical character brought the “born again” concept to western civilization said in that dialog “that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit” and elsewhere he said “forsake mother, father, sister, brother, wife, [husband], children, houses and land.” If those words be true it is the reverse of what happened in Eden which cost man their dominion – ability to exceed – power that becoming “bon again” reverses. The reason? Objectivity is almost impossible after 18 years or more of being bombarded with judgmental adjectives.

Education is obtained by “objectively observing, objectively participating to experience different outcomes, and reasoning with those outcomes for communicating them to others.” It’s the “objectivity” which requires the metamorphosis to achieve and without it an education is almost impossible.

The Secret World of Plants

How We Learn

Learn is defined similar to educate, “the process of gaining understanding independent of a single instructor.” Few woman know that the power of reasoning comes from associating like things together. [The hu of human means “to cut” as in “hewed from”, the wo in woman means “woven from” with their lowest common definition being “minds unable to comprehend all things” since man means “minds able to comprehend all things” and none of them are genders. I use man, human and woman only as our specie's names with their divisions babies, children and adolescence prior to adulthood when the genders are recognized as boys {producers of man, human and woman's sperm} and girls {producers of man, human and woman's eggs} is an example.] What happened in the process of being educated the following explains.

Imbedded in all earth’s life forms, including the earth as a living entity is a means of communicating with one another independent of verbal speech. Contained in that speech is every definitions of every word known to every life type of earth although as woman we are usually unable to decipher the words of other life types. That is why man are able to educate and learn independent of any one teacher, everything will teach us when we approach them inquisitively. Telepath is the closest I know to be that means of communicating – a girl told me the evergreen plants around Lafayette Park’s center statue speech sounds like the adult voices of the animated Peanut cartoon – but isn’t usually permitted until after being “born again” from woman into man. To be selected is dependent on whether the life-force has incarnated as both genders, the four primary ethnics and all combinations of them, the 12 Eastern Zodiac signs or “tribes of Ishmael”, the 12 Western Zodiac signs or “tribes of Israel” individually and every conceivable combination of all of them. That is the purpose of this half of civilization, to embed every individual attribute of man into our life-forces.

Thus, every man enters earth – after evolving through earth’s other form of life – with “dominion powers” that the “Garden in Eden’s” metaphor of a metamorphosis causes each to experience every individual and all combinations of man attribute. Upon completing it a reversing morph takes place and restore all attributes, the power and understanding to man. Each life-force experiences that same process on every body within existence and including existence itself in a never ending cycle.

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      19 months ago from Washington DC

      Thank you, John, for dropping in and letting me know your thoughts concerning it. I hope it inspire you to seek within yourself for your guidance, if that is your destiny.


    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      19 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Elijah, very interesting insights here. thank you for sharing. I agree about school creating a society of followers and PHDs completing tunnel vision. I enjoyed the read.


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