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The Lincoln County War

Updated on March 25, 2018

Town of Lincoln, NM

New Mexico is a place full of history with a great many places to vacation. Roswell and the alien landing and all it's mystery. Ruidoso, for it's skiing, small shops, cigar bars and more; but if you've never been to the town of Lincoln, you are missing out on something great. A part of history that's ten minutes away from Ruidoso, New Mexico

Billy the Kid

The name Henry McCarty may not be known to man; William H. Bonney and some will say it sounds familiar, but mention Billy the Kid and mostly everyone has heard his history. Henry McCarty was born on November 23, 1859 in New York and moved around building up his legendary status. He died on July 14, 1881 or so they say at Ft. Sumner, NM. Stories of his death or lack there of in 1881 have been told and many have fought to prove his death.

There have been many motion pictures and books written on Billy the Kid, but in today's generation, Young Guns is the tale remembered most. It takes place in the town of Lincoln, NM. One faction controls the town, the other trying to make a living. Billy the Kid, being a run away and far from a law abiding citizen is taken in by Mr. Tunstil, a merchant. When Mr. Tunstil is murdered, Billy the Kid and his band of misfits seek revenge.

While this town is about 2 1/2 city blocks long. It's history is not short at all. The old Curry Saloon has been turned into a restaurant where you can enjoy the old west and come in out of the weather.

Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid

Tributes and Headstone


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