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The Lost Afghan Girl

Updated on April 15, 2010

The Afghan Girl

The Afghan Girl
The Afghan Girl

Her name is Sharbat Gula. Born in Aghanistan,shes from the Pashtun Etnicity.Her parents were killed in the Soviet Union Bombing which demolished her villiage, forcing her to flee with her Grandmother and siblings. She was only 6 years old. They found refuge at the Nasir Bagh Refugee Camp in Pakistan where she attended an Informal School within the Refugee Camp.

This small child has probably gone through more hardhips and sufferation than we will ever go through in our lifetime. She has witnessed the destruction of her villiage and the senseless killing of her parents and many more people in a war torn country. No child or children should have to go through this turmoil,anguish and desolation which she has experienced,no matter the race,etnicity,color or creed. They simply do not deserve it,a child needs to be a child.This traumatic period of her life will for years continue to haunt her. She will find no inner peace. She will never know what it is truly like to smile from within. No child should have to go through this.

At approximately 12yrs old her eyes captivated the world. Photographed by Jounalist Steve McCurry, she was featured on the cover of the National Geography Magazine in June 1985. She was known throughout the world simply as the Afghan Girl. One article stated it as "The image of her face with a red scarf draped loosely over head and her piercing sea green eyes staring directly into the camera,became a symbol both of the 1980's Afghan conflict and of the situation worldwide." The image itself was named The Most Recognized Photograph in the history of the magazine.

She was randomly picked by the photographer,never knowing that her photograph would attract and enthral the world. Her eyes spoke volume,you could see the hardships,that she has gone through,and even though it spoke of sadness it still captured the hearts of millions including myself, you cannot help but be taken in by those piercing sea green eyes

The sad part is she never saw that pict until 2002 when the photographer went insearch of her.It proved an arduos task as many individuals came forward claiming to be her. Eventually after searching for her so long she was discovered,now married with children, she lives a life which she has dedicated to her family. They are the center of her life. She has certainly moved on and hope to provide for her children what most importantly she couldnot provide for herself,an education.Sharbat will always be known to the world as the Afghan Girl. In my thoughts however she will always be the little girl who endured insurmountable hardships and faced many challenges in life. Her eyes speaks to me as one that just wants to erase all those bad memories, to not make her feel fear,despondent but to be given the chanceĀ or opportunity to live a life of peace.


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