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The Motivations of A shift From Apache to Apache Solr

Updated on May 30, 2014

The Apache HTTP Server especially versions 2, 2 and 17 with applications in windows 2003, and 2008 has some problems related with transfer performance with users on some windows for instance windows 7 and XP. Other problems of the software include slow installations especially when using the IBM installer and network performance issues in some platforms such as windows 7 and Vista. In essence, the consistent performance issues and network problems of Apache on some windows are what prompted a shift into Apache Solr. For instance, it was realized that the performance was exceedingly slow on Windows 7 and XP clients. Despite various investigations, the technical operators could not establish the cause for these phenomena. Owing to this hindrance, the management advised the affected clients to use other alternatives such as 11S or Linux instead of Apache. The purpose for coming up with Apache Sorl was to eliminate the net work and low performance of this software (Gosaammer, 2013, 1).

Overall, the Apache server could be described as being moody. It can perform well at other times while at some other time, the pages could take long to load for no apparent reason. Moreover, Apache’s default installation system has unnecessary stuff. This unnecessary stuff is eliminated in Apache Solr. Many apache clients also complained on slow loading of pages especially those with many images to be displayed. These constant delays and hangings could make many of them to be annoyed. These were contrary to other sites where the sites or images load instantly. When this slowness became widespread, there was no alternative but to shift to another platform. Although the problem was a random one (that is not consistent), there are specific sites and windows, which have a tendency of loading slowly and other sites, have no images displayed in them (Apache, 2013, 2)

Another reason that necessitated the shift from apache to Apache solr is that the server administrator in apache had no control on the application since someone else wrote it, the Apache Sorl application is written by administrators. A gain, apache did not offer support for its running its application with some network privileges. Further, it did not offer security on local machines. The primitive support for some operating systems such as windows existed to help users on developing the content in WebPages as well as acting as an intranet server. This points out to the reason why the Apache Software Foundation did not endorse some operating systems such as Windows 9x to run on Apache server (Apache, 2013,1).


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