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The New World Order Saints and Sinners

Updated on July 29, 2015

Saint Michael Jackson and Tupac

The New World Order Saints and Sinners

The New World Order
Young Poetic Pegasus Nkosi

The world as we know it today.

We are born out of Lust
Perhaps Love.

How long does it take to materialize
A Dream?

What are the symbols
In our Dreams.

The reality of our existence
Is that we are born into a family.

Before we have any Choices We are
Born Rich or Poor.
Given a Name with a meaning

We Inherit a surname that our children
Will carry.

The Earth has plenty for all Souls
Strong Weak Wild and Tame.

We go to creche school and university.

What is the purpose of Education?

It is the classification continuation
As well as presence of Accumulated
Knowledge, preserved by civilizations
Over Time.

Not all Knowledge is Pure, or Educational
In a enlightening sense.

Civilization the Classification and rigorous
Establishment of organized Governance,
Is the root of all suffering.

Now let US take a closer Look.


Laws protect the citizens and state
From injustice.




Drugs and Reckless Sex.

Symbolism (Weapons)
Knifes Guns and potentially lethal

This is the Greatest Evil.

Mortality Rates such as Murder
Rape Hi Jacking Suicide.
In most cases lethal weapons
Are used to inflict or cause pain.

Thus a Human Being the Mind
Becomes insensitive to the existence
Of other souls.

Is fulled and propagated, when Life
Has no value.
When all one can do is dream
Of a better life in Heaven.

Where is Heaven Earth.

One gives Up and expects
The prejudice nature of Darkness,
Jealousy envy and betrayal.

When One can not commit to a common
Goal for a better cause.
One becomes Complacent
And insensitive towards
The nature and consequences
Of their actions.

What makes one Insensitive?

When they no longer have a conscious.
Perhaps One fails to see goodness
And Innocence in himself .

Repetition is based on Habit.

There is something corrupt
In Society.

Symbols of Death

The Powers that Be make it near impossible
To preserve the innocence of the MIND.

The New World Order
The Illuminati fuck em
The powers that be that govern
All nations none is exempt.

Forget black magic
Witch craft is not a mysterious
Force or power.
It is the intentional poisoning
Of a Soul to end its life.(wickedness)

Or to deliberately disrupt the innocence and
Goodness of the Mind.

How to control ONES thoughts?


The Universal Laws

What goes up must come down.(gravity)
Day and Night.
Rain and Drought.
Goodness and Evil.


Violence Murder Rape Adultery broken Homes
Is the lack of ability and absence of clarity
To make sound Judgement.

Thus the Law and it's enforcers are empowered.

As Long as there is disorder in the world and society.....

Evil will rain in the hearts of men.

Fear in the hearts Women ladies mothers grand parents
And children.

In the spiritual world when you hurt or harm
Another soul there is repentance.

In Reality
Each action has a consequence.

Should you be a danger to yourself or
Society you are placed in an asylum.

The Law
Should protect society as well as all forms
Of life.

Yet corruption embraces greed.
Injustice suffering poverty and suicide.

Everything that is pure selfless
And free of motive.

Every form of life comes from a She or female seed.

Thus my Dis biography

God is a She He can Only be a Women.

Time Grace and Effort.

Young Poetic Pegesus Nkosi


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