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Speaking Tips - How to become an Oral Storyteller

Updated on November 26, 2013

Transport your audience - let a master storyteller put pictures in their minds.

Welcome to Speaking Tips, and introduction to a Raconteur.

Tom Ware – Master Storyteller and Raconteur tells stories to grownups He writes them. He tells them verbally- out loud. Stories are his forte’ He’s not alone in this, of course. Many people do the same. However, Tom Ware will tell you that in quite a number of organizations which proclaim that story is what they are all about - are not about that at all. Check the Internet. You’ll find this to be the case. Such organizations wish to use story to promote something, some product, some service, some individual. They have a vested interest other than that of simply entertaining their listeners. They might well be storytellers, but is this their main game?

They know how powerful stories can be.

If you Google sites which have that enticing word up there, you are likely to find business and commercial organizations who are advocating the use of story. Tom Ware says they’re doing this to gain some advantage for themselves or for their clients. They know how powerful tales can be. Fine, says master storyteller Tom. Nothing wrong with this. But they’re not entertainers. The tales they tell by way of illustration are usually no more than a paragraph or two, a few words that inevitably lead to their real objective: -selling you something. You are being induced (or is it seduced?) persuaded, coaxed, motivated or led in some way, not for the sake of the story in itself, but to get you to accept something which otherwise might not have drawn your interest. Clever stuff. And today so many are using this ploy.

Speaking Tips - The Oral Storyteller or Raconteur .

As a storyteller who’s been telling tales for around thirty years, Tom Ware will tell you this: Up until four or five years ago, big business and big government had no real interest in story. It wasn’t on their curriculum for presentations, seminars, sales events. This is not to say some speakers weren’t using it. They were. They just did not have the awareness of its potential as they do today. Now they’re into in a big way.

Stories move us.

Tom might sound as though he’s disparaging the use of story for business purposes. Not so. Stories are used to make a point. And probably nothing does it more powerfully (other than an actual real life experience happening to us) As a listener we emphasize. We identify with the hero or main player in a story. Stories move us. And whether we admit it or not, we generally act on what we feel more than on what we think.

We should applaud the reimergence of storytelling.

Tom Ware applauds business and government organizations for at last making of use story. It could perhaps re-establish the Master Storyteller as someone who has something of value to impart. For many years now the view of one who tells tales to entertain has slipped down the ‘social acceptance scale’ compared with one who promotes himself as a speaker. Many professional speakers roam the world making excellent money from what they do. How many people claiming to be professional storytellers do we have doing the same thing?

The Raconteur in Action.

You want a speaker? Why not go for a Master of Story.

Good, top-rate professional speakers are generally people who tell stories and tell them well. But they do not list themselves as people who can tell a tale. The word ‘raconteur’ is foreign to most, though this is what many of them are.

The time is right for storytelling to get the recognition it deserves. The conference convener, ‘speaker seeker,’ need keep in mind that an experienced Storyteller such as Tom Ware, can be every bit as a powerful as a Motivational Speaker. Moreover, his or her story – and the message it conveys – is likely to be remembered long after a Motivational Speakers message fades into oblivion.

So when you’re looking for a Speaker, look also at those who list themselves as Storytellers. It could well prove very worthwhile.

I hope you enjoyed and got something out of Speaking Tips: How to Become an Oral Storyteller.


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