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The Storms That Changed Lives Forever

Updated on September 3, 2021
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Claudette Carter has been a writer for more than 30 years. Graduated from Widener University and enjoys focusing on positive things in life.

Deadly Flash Floods Wreaked Havoc On the Northeast hic

On channel Six Action News Katherine Scott shared in her weather forecast, “At least six reported tornadoes touch down across three states.” Another reporter revealed how the storm Ida brought about, “Deadly flash floods and it was an emergency, record breaking storm. New York city was swamped with record rainfall.” Breaking news was featured on CBS Eyewitness News by Jan Carabeyo where she stated, “We have not seen anything like this in our area. This was a large one. Of the sixteen tornado warnings over ten inches in some spots...” were overwhelmed. The “Schuylkill River overflowed. First responders rush to Roxborough, flood victims with her dog were rescued. Vine Street expressway was underwater. This is steps away from the Art Museum. The new Giant supermarket was flooded. Buildings with underground parking garages were flooded. Some residents were trapped because of water...” Many reports were featured about record breaking flooding, loss of human life and destruction throughout the Northeast areas.

One news reporter explained how, “Ida’s remnants battered millions across the Northeast. Nearly 25 homes in Mullica Hill were shredded. While the rain is gone...we could see flooding. Remember we had more than eight inches of rainfall in just a couple of hours for a large swath. Some places more than a foot. When you get 3 to 5 inches per hour rainfall rates, you will get flash flood emergencies which mean catastrophic danger and that’s exactly what we are waking up to this morning.” Disastrous story after disastrous story was featured because no one really anticipated this type of Northeastern devastation all due to climate change. State of emergencies were declared. We have to prayerfully consider what the next storm will bring us even in unexpected locations?

On GMA Wheather Correspondent Ginger Zee made this observation, “...The extremes we are living in now and what we have to do with what was inevitable...We saw record breaking rain. We are living in this new reality and record breaking extremes.

Photos from Pennsylvania and surrounding areas

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Fallen trees throughout our area outside of Philadelphia, Pa,Rushing waters churned in nearby rivers which caused some flooding. Trees that did survive with their beautiful fall leaves. Roads are blocked from fallen trees the day after Sandy had hit our area.Flooding in and around our area that did cause damage to homes.A local bridge that was closed after a tree had fallen from the storm.Shrubbery that was destroyed during the storm.Local rivers that were in turmoil the day after Sandy.
Fallen trees throughout our area outside of Philadelphia, Pa,
Fallen trees throughout our area outside of Philadelphia, Pa,
Rushing waters churned in nearby rivers which caused some flooding.
Rushing waters churned in nearby rivers which caused some flooding.
Trees that did survive with their beautiful fall leaves.
Trees that did survive with their beautiful fall leaves.
Roads are blocked from fallen trees the day after Sandy had hit our area.
Roads are blocked from fallen trees the day after Sandy had hit our area.
Flooding in and around our area that did cause damage to homes.
Flooding in and around our area that did cause damage to homes.
A local bridge that was closed after a tree had fallen from the storm.
A local bridge that was closed after a tree had fallen from the storm.
Shrubbery that was destroyed during the storm.
Shrubbery that was destroyed during the storm.
Local rivers that were in turmoil the day after Sandy.
Local rivers that were in turmoil the day after Sandy.

My Heart and Prayers Go Out to those in New Jersey and New York

The Perfect Storm, Sandy, caused catastrophic damage that will never be forgotten. On Friday, two days before the hurricane, I watched the news and weather with tremendous anxiety. A severe tropical storm had formed in the southern Atlantic Ocean, and it was destined to hit our area which included Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Manhattan and other northeastern cities. One local weatherman indicated that we would be near the eye of the storm which ended up in Margate, New Jersey about forty minutes from us. Another newsman said, "the storm had the potential to hit us like ground zero," was in New York after 911. Whether this was true or not, I continued to gather such things as canned goods, matches, water, clothing, personal papers and a little money for our emergency kit. I wanted to make sure we had necessities in case we had to flee to a shelter. We brought in all our outdoor furnishings and trash cans to eliminate any debris from flying around due to high winds during the storm.

We received light rain and wind on Saturday but nothing that would cause significant concern. By Sunday, light wind and rain still swirled around our home. After our spiritual meeting at the local Kingdom Hall, we received warnings by our elders; to take this hurricane seriously and be prepared because it is rare that we face such dilemmas as hurricanes. Usually, they die in strength before these type of storms reach the northeastern states. Sandy, was different; she threatened to head directly for us. By Monday afternoon, the wind and rain had increased in its intensity. My attention was captivated by the weather and news. I wanted to not only keep prayers going up to my Heavenly Father Jehovah but also remain informed.

Lights flickered as the wind and rain mingled forcefully. Windows and walls shook. My prayers were intense. Other family members were praying as well because silence surrounded me. I vehemently decided to prepare a full meal of baked chicken, stuffing and mustard greens. This would help alleviate the stress I felt. My daughters chose to watch the movie, Beaches. I was not in the mood for such entertainment. After dinner, I decided to take a nap so that I would be prepared to leave if it became necessary due to structural damage. Right before midnight, the storm was in its full effect.

Prayer consumed my thoughts as I laid downstairs on my sofa. I was indecisive about where to sleep for the night, due to fear of trees that might fall from my neighbor's yard, amid this terrible storm. After my insecurities of calamity subsided, I finally decided to go upstairs and sleep in my bed. I said a prayer and felt reassured. I realized that I had to give my anxieties over to God so that I could fall asleep peacefully. Tuesday morning arrived as I opened my eyes with no semblance of tragedy. I immediately thanked my God, in the name of his precious son Jesus Christ. I realized it was futile to be so overwhelmed with fear if my faith was solid.

Hurricane Sandy's Devastation

More than 109 people died. One hundred and ten homes in Point Breeze, Queens, burnt to the ground as firefighters watched helplessly due to the high winds. Water that was more than chest high filled homes which caused residents to flee. More than 46 miles of track for the trains which are part of mass public transportation in New York destroyed due to flooding. Major airports closed from Philadelphia, Washington, DC, all the way up to Boston. Millions were without electricity. I watched on the news as the National Guard rescued victims from a tall ship that had encountered the storm. The ship's captain was unfortunately killed and this Hollywood treasure featured in such movies as Mutiny On the Bounty and Pirates of the Carribean was destroyed.

Atlantic City's famous boardwalk built in the 1800s was torn to shreds with only a portion of it remaining. Homes were mangled and discovered in the middle of major roadways. Repugnant smells of gas penetrated neighborhoods from one end of the shore to other. Ground zero, unfortunately, had been the Jersey shore. Staten Island in New York had taken the brunt of Sandy's devastation. Boats were thrown on top of each other like a child's toys. In some places, the water was more than 8 feet deep. Blocks were completely submerged, as residents who decided to stay in their homes and ride the storm out, remained stranded. Now comments of regret penetrated the air as gas leaks and darkness surrounded them. Hurricane Sandy was one of the largest hurricanes ever recorded. Many unfortunately were killed and some of the most expensive real estate from New Jersey to New York were destroyed. Four days later, millions were still in the dark and without power. Brian Williams of Rock Center expressed how "Burned black patches were where homes use to be. Subways filled with water. Hurricane Sandy is a wake-up call for the city of New York and New Jersey."

What lesson can we learn from this morbid tragedy? Some professionals expressed that storm surge barriers are needed to control the potential of flooding during such storms. One expert suggested that "the sea level could rise between 3-6 feet within the next century. The storm was catastrophic for more than 21 and a half million people who reside in the New York and New Jersey areas. Residents that fled before the storm were allowed to return after more than three days. People must now not only line up for public transportation within these areas but also food and water. Gas stations ran out of gas due to power outages still at numerous stations. Traffic nightmares emerged as people returned to view their homes which have been ravaged by this hurricane. The bizarre scene of disillusioned faces of parents and children, upon their discovery, that they had lost everything was shown on the news. It will take billions for these families to rebuild. The losses experienced during this hurricane will never be forgotten. May we keep every one of these individuals in our prayers.

In conclusion, why was Sandy, called The Perfect Storm? Could it possibly have been compared to the ever-popular novel, "The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the sea." This bestseller did eventually become a major motion picture starring George Clooney. "It was the storm of the century, boasting waves over one hundred feet high, a tempest created by so rare a combination of factors that meteorologists deemed it 'the perfect storm.'" What we experienced this past week was not a movie but a reality. Therefore, preparation and prayer are mandatory. We should utilize such websites as FEMA and click on, or call (1-800-427-2419) to prepare emergency kits for ourselves and our families. Evacuation plans, along with preparation for such emergencies featured on this site. We are living during a time where hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes will exist. Jesus foretold in Matthew chapter 24 that these type of events would occur in the last days of this system. It is imperative that we, "Draw close to God and he will draw close to you." (James 4:8) Whether we decide to serve God or not is a personal decision. After all, "The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God, and keep his commandments; for this is the whole duty of man." Ecclesiastes 12:13 (The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version) Let each of us remain spiritually awake, alert to the times we are living in and prepared for disasters such as hurricane Sandy.

If you would like a free home Bible study for you and your family, contact me by email at

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A Video from YouTube on the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast


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