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The Plants Kingdom - Bryophyte

Updated on August 30, 2015


Bryophyte is the smallest group of embryo- bearing plants. They belong to the subkingdom embryophyta. These plants are generally small in size and lack vascular tissue. They posses’ antheridium male reproductive organs as well as archegonium female reproductive organs. They do not bear true roots, shoots and leaves. This group includes mosses, hornworts and liverworts. Bryophyte contains some 300,000 species of plants.

Bryophytes are found in all moist parts of the world. They also grow on moist rocks and tree barks. Some of them may grow in hot and dry climate also.

Common bryophytes are not of much economical value. They help in the formation of important land masses. These were he first plants which helped in making land from rocks. Liverworts, mosses and lichens grow on these unnoticed lands. Bryophytes are also helpful in preventing soil erosion. They retain the moisture being of the soil, set it at a place, and so prevent its being washed away. In this way, they are also helpful in controlling floods. Big mosses fuel which accumulates in marshy areas and gets decomposed. It slowly becomes the source of energy by carbonization. In many parts of the world, such as Ireland and Scotland, peat is the main source of energy. Sphagnum is cleaned and after washing, used for the dressing of wound.


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