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The Point of Life

Updated on January 30, 2014
In astrology, harmony and symmetry are very important
In astrology, harmony and symmetry are very important | Source

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Pars Vitae - what is it?

According to Astrological teachings, there is harmony and symmetry in the universe, and all the separate events are a part of one whole thing, and that is why many facts of our life can be realized, foreseen and planned. Astrologists have many an instrument of prediction and one of them is a method based on the advancement of a certain point called Pars Vitae.

It is based around the natural rhythm of the human life. The progression of the Pars Vitae marks the most important periods of human life. A man goes through twelve stages of life. At every stage, the problem of every zodiac sign is resolved. All the signs are marked by this point during the period of 84 years, which is called the Wheel of Life. It starts working from Aries and stays in every sign for 7 years. The advance of this point determines the program of life for this period as well as the problems that we face during this time.

The Pars Vitae also shows what you need to correct about yourself and from this viewpoint it’s a good instrument as far as the understanding of the inner evolution is concerned. If a man or a woman doesn’t solve the problems that appear during the certain period of time, then these problems go to the next period and accumulate together with the new ones that appear, thus making their life more difficult. Ancient people believed that the person who doesn’t use his or her potential, gets older sooner. Also, we must remember that by the end of every 7-year period the body is exhausted. That is why we need to think of getting some rest to gain some energy to continue in the new period.

Now let’s see how in accord with cosmic rules the different periods of human life pass and how close we are to the ideal...

Up to the age of seven Pars Vitae is in the Aries Sign
Up to the age of seven Pars Vitae is in the Aries Sign

Pars Vitae goes through the Aries Sign

Up to the age of seven, Pars Vitae goes through the Aries Sign.The major problem of this period is to adjust to the life on the Earth. Vital processes take place: the spine forms, the skull bones harden, the mastering of the speech, legs and hands as the main vital instruments takes place. The metabolism is quick, it is the Mars that rules the sign of Aries, so the illnesses start suddenly and are acrid.

Projected on the human body, Aries is connected to the head. At this age, the head traumas are quite often, that is why it is important to take care of the child by preventing it from falling, keep away the sharp objects and dangerous substances. Fevers, colds, infectious diseases are possible. Ears and teeth should be taken care of. The most difficult time is when the child starts crawling and walking. It is harmful to limit its physical activity, so it is better to construct a sport corner for the child thus making it safe for it.

It is worthwhile putting an effort into avoiding the negative Aries qualities. Patience and persistence, good habits of discipline and order should be encouraged. In the same time, cruelty must be subdued by all the means. Aggression should never find any response. Otherwise the child can develop an inclination to the violence.

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