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The Politics Behind Shell Arctic Drilling & Future Climate Refugees

Updated on August 31, 2015

The Role of China & Russia in Aiding Climate Change Deniers

Climate Change Intel Report

Everyone, that is really serious about holding any political office, should know the limitations of government and their position within that office. Some people bring different skill sets. I recall when President Obama was first running for office and he gave a fantastic and very sexy speech about healing the Earth.

With the exception of the B.P. Oil Spill Disaster, EPA Disasters, Oil by Rail Disasters and Oil Pipeline Ruptures; he has actually been the most successful President thus far on protecting the environment, with the exception of former President Bill Clinton, who actually got oil companies out of our back yards in Louisiana State; only to have the B.P. Oil Disaster give off-shore oil drilling a very bad name; beyond its already toxic habits & the absurd stunts now being pulled by Shell Oil in the Arctic.

Our climate policy, has been an utter failure. For every good policy that we see unleashed, we see 100 policies that further make us dependent on climate causing corporations and fossil fuels.

We have the Shell Arctic Drilling. Everyone is upset with President Obama, and I do understand why these people are upset, but they appear to think that being President of the United States; makes one President of the Earth and every global-political strategy of the 'elites'. As I have maintained, we need a 'Fire Squad' Approach to fighting climate change.

We can not simply attack the regional office in Houston, Texas over Shell Arctic Drilling and bitch at President Obama because Shell is actually based in The Hague, Netherlands and incorporated in the U.K. In fact, the largest financial arm of Shell Oil is located in Los Angeles, Ca.

No matter where I live, I appear to always have fossil fuels in my back yard because these are multi-national corporations, with many umbrella companies (Shell Australia, Shell Canada, Shell Chemicals, Shell Gas & Power, Shell Nigeria, Shell Pakistan & Shell Oil) but their largest financial arm is Bank of America Center located in Los Angeles.

The only way that the strategy to stop Shell Oil from drilling in the Arctic would work; is if we used a 'Fire Squad' Approach and also went after Russia and China. As long as China/Russia is allowed to drill the Arctic and release Co2 emissions and methane gas; then the Anglo Establishment will demand the same rights.

It is nearly impossible to drill in the Arctic, at least by Shell Oil, because their 'ice breaking' ships (which are rented from Finland) are mishandled, break down and even if they did break the Arctic Ice; we are looking at an inability to drill because one has to run pipelines to extract oil and when the ice melts, it simply drudges up the Arctic Sea-bed, making it nearly impossible to not have numerous major oil spills. Shell Oil has even admitted this to be the case.

  • For decades, China has been over developing urban centers and factories, in an attempt to seduce American and European Elites into manufacturing & relocating their companies into China. What has happened? China drove down the standards of living, not only for their own people but also for people in the United States.
  • Consumers can no longer afford to buy the products, which these greedy American and European Corporations flocked to China's slave economy to have produced by China's slave labor. Why is China allowed to drill in The Arctic or develop in Africa? Because the greedy elites are simply rewarding them for helping to dig the entire world into an unending hole.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is working on agendas that would give micro-loans to poor women in third world countries and also we are trying to work with Republicans and Democrats on Climate Fees and Dividends because it allows these climate change polluting corporations, with billions of dollars in profits per month, to give a small % back to local communities and it also will add billions to the U.S. Economy. Plus, if China doesn't play ball...we slap their imports with tariffs.

Our last Climate Summit, we had something called INDC's (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) & this is when a country claims they will make cuts to CO2 and other toxic climate change emissions by a certain dead-line.

China was allowed to maintain a 3rd world status and has now been extended until the year 2030 to actually take any real action on cutting climate emissions. In 15 years, China can do a lot of environmental damage to our planet; just like they wrecked our manufacturing industry.

Our new Climate Summit in Paris ( Nov 30-Dec 11 2015) is our last chance to acknowledge that Climate Change is a global security issue and many of these refugees that are pouring into Europe and even into Australia and the U.S. are often running away from floods and droughts.

Being from Louisiana, no one has to tell me about being a climate refugee due to climate change and man-made disasters, which are still tied in with climate change and rising sea levels.

No one has to tell me about being a University Professor from Alaska, Texas or Louisiana and getting fired or chased out of the state because the entire local, state governments along with academia are basically in bed with climate change causing corporations.

I feel for these refugees but it does no good to build a school in India, Uganda or Kenya, when these schools are built next to or even on climate change causing toxic Petro Chemical dumps/land-fills due to oil pipeline deals and toxic dumping.

A school/educational operation in Uganda, may look good on someone's resume but if in five years, the school will be flooded out by rising sea-levels, the village up-rooted due to oil pipeline displacement or if the African school kids are unhealthy due to toxic chemicals and fossil fuels; what was the point? It all circles back to taking action against Climate Change.


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