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Dinosaurs Lived and Died 65 Million Years Ago

Updated on April 23, 2013

The Discovery of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have had a long history and have become popular with children and adults alike, ever since the discovery of dinosaur bones, and fossils. Dinosaurs lived around 230 million years ago, and became extinct 65 million years ago. Dinosaurs are popular in books, movies and television. There are all kinds of products related to the subject of dinosaurs, for instance: coloring books, dinosaur toys, movies, cartoons, etc...Dinosaurs started to appear around the middle of the Triassic Period, which makes them the largest land animals that have ever existed on earth in all of time. Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 150 million years before becoming extinct. Man did not live at the time of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years before man came onto the scene. Small mammals did exist, and its thought that they ate many of the dinosaurs eggs. Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, and still fascinate young and old today.

A Group of Dinosaur Skeletons

A Group of Dinosaurs
A Group of Dinosaurs | Source

Tyraninsaurus Rex (T-Rex)

Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex is one of the best known of the dinosaurs, and most recognized of all the dinosaurs. T-Rex was a therapod and a carnivore (a meat-eater). T-Rex was the most fearsome of the dinosaurs, with large, sharp teeth to tear meat from bones to eat. T-Rex had short arms (about three feet long), so the dinosaur may have been a scavenger, as well, as a predator. It would be difficult for a dinosaur like T-Rex to hold on their prey with short arms. T-Rex walked on two legs, so the dinosaur was bi-pedal. Tyrannosaurus Rex is extremely popular with young people, as they seem to like dinosaurs a lot. Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most fascinating dinosaurs that ever lived. T-Rex is a large dinosaur, but isn't the largest dinosaur in the dinosaur world. The Brontosaurus is a herbivore (a leaf-eater), and is a larger dinosaur than Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Some Dinosaurs were Herbivores

Dinosaurs that liked to eat leaves off of trees are called: sauropods, and they were the largest of all of the dinosaurs. Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus, and Diplodocus were all examples of sauropods. Other dinosaurs like triceratops and stegosaurus ate plants (plant-eaters), and belong to the family: Ornitschia. Dinosaurs that were herbivores were prey to the dinosaurs that were predators, which were the carnivores (meat-eaters). Dinosaurs like triceratops and the stegosaurus that ate plants, had horns and spikes.

Gertie the Dinosaur

Dinosaurs in Films,TV, Books, and Cartoons

Ever since the discovery of the existence of dinosaurs man has been fascinated by them, for years and years. Dinosaurs are popular among children and adults alike. Dinosaurs are popular in films, TV, books, and cartoons. Some of the most famous dinosaur characters are: "Gertie the Dinosaur", "The Dinosaurs", the dinosaurs from "Jurassic Park", and the dinosaurs from, "The Lost World." Gertie the Dinosaur is a short-animated film created by American cartoonist: Winsor McCay, in 1914, which is one of the earliest animations ever put on film. Gertie could follow commands and could do all kinds of neat tricks on command. "The Dinosaurs" were a family of dinosaurs that lived like the modern people of today, complete with modern problems of daily living. The dinosaur family was called the "Sinclair's." The Sinclair family consisted of Earl Sinclair (the father), Fran Sinclair (the mother), Robbie Sinclair (the son), Charlene Sinclair (the daughter), Baby Sinclair (the baby), and Grandmother Ethyl Phillips. The Sinclair's lived like a modern day family with a TV and a refrigerator. Earl Sinclair works with his best friend pushing trees over for a living. Earl and his best friend have a boss, who is gruff, and Earl is nervous of him; afraid of getting in trouble at work. Baby, who is the youngest member of the Sinclair family, loves his mother, Fran and loves to call her, "The Momma." Baby gives Earl (the father) a rough time and likes to hit Earl with a frying pan or any object that's close by that Baby is able to reach. Baby likes to give Earl a hard time by telling Earl that he's, "Not the Momma!" The series started in 1991 and ended in 1994.

The Dinosaurs: Not The Momma!

The Dinosaurs from "The Lost World"

There are dinosaurs featured in the movie: "The Lost World", which was made in 1960. The Lost World was a book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and later adapted to the movie. The movie is about an expedition to a remote plateau to search for living dinosaurs (prehistoric beasts thought to exist and live there). A professor and diverse members of his expedition travel to the Amazon jungle to look for living dinosaurs. The expedition sees a dinosaur and runs for cover. The dinosaur wrecks their helicopter and fights with another dinosaur, until both dinosaurs fall over a cliff. The expedition runs into cannibals; then a native girl helps the expedition to escape into a volcano. They go through a bone yard, inch along a narrow ledge (below is molten lava), wake up a sleeping dinosaur (the dinosaur gets covered with molten lava), eventually they make it out alive. A man ended up in the mouth of a dinosaur, and another man was shot by a guide, who wanted revenge for the death of his brother. The man, who was shot first tried to take all of the diamonds that were found. At the same time the diamonds were found, a dinosaur egg is, also, found. The rest of the expedition makes it safely back to London. The dinosaur egg hatches and a little baby dinosaur comes out. Dinosaurs are very popular in films, TV, and cartoons. Dinosaurs may have been extinct for 65 million years, but they're still popular and live on in the imaginations of people, movies, TV, and books everywhere.

What Caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs?

What caused the extinction of the dinosaurs? Most scientist agree that an asteroid hit the earth, blocked out the sun, and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. There are other factors that may have led to the demise of the dinosaurs, such as chemicals in the air that came from volcanic eruptions that may have choked the dinosaurs, climate changes may, also, have been a factor. At the time of the dinosaurs, the continents weren't separated like they are now. When the continents were all together, they formed what is known as Pangaea. The dinosaurs lived from the middle to the late Triassic Period of the Mesozoic Era.

The movie, "1 million B.C., also, had dinosaurs, volcanoes, and cave people. I million B.C. was Raquel Welch's most famous movie.


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