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The Predator Called Dragonfly

Updated on April 2, 2013
From the front
From the front
Mating time
Mating time
Perched on an antenna
Perched on an antenna

No, it is not a new military predator drone unleashed but the natural kind- the dragonfly. It IS, by far, the "shark" of the aerial insect world. They are amazingly fast, like a bullet from a gun, and once they locate you, like a missile fired from a drone, they hit their target 95% of the time, tearing up the prey and consuming it rapidly before looking for more. By comparison, the Great White shark fails to get the kill 50% of the time, lions, the king of the jungle, have a failure rate of 75%.

Studies show that the dragonfly is truly amazing, able to pick out its target among a cloud of insects. They hover, dive, fly backwards and can pivot 360 degrees. They are an insect missile- flying at 30 mph.

Their eyes contain 30,000 pixel-like facets that take up most of its head and of all insects, have the keenest vision. Because of the 360 degrees, the bug can see you on approach or when flying away from you.

Dragonflies are old, dating back 300 million years. Way back then, their wings were as long as a man's arm. Like all animals, males often fight with other males while in flight when a female is present. The winner can mate with her by attaching to her forming a circle during flight.


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