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The Process

Updated on November 12, 2014

There is a process in everything that manifests under the sun;

First a desire or a need was born;

This desire was triggered by observations and what is perceived to be good and pleasurable in the individual basis;

Another trigger of a desire is the will to change or improve an individual’s present situation that is not considered comfortable;

There are areas in life that are not comfortable or desirable to suit individual preferences;

Areas in relationships and people around, money and financial condition, domicile, career, income, material possessions, social position and status quo, leisure and travels, health, beauty and fashion, education and skills or expertise; the list could go on and on according to one’s wishes to improve or change one’s life situation;

Most people nowadays focus on how they are going to change their life situation in any of these areas by joining trends of some advocates who have ready-made systems to improve their lives;

I believe in the Process; it’s been working for me since time immemorial; people would say I am lucky when things work on my favor in a particular area; what they did not know was I had been working on it in the inner level and I had been through the Process before everything suddenly turned to my favor…a dream come true!

This is where the discussion would focus;

This write-up could have a subtitle:

“Manifesting dreams through the Process”

This would be a very difficult and least understood discussion because the number one constraint here is the core of personal values…Disbelief and Logic;

The Process defies logic in achieving goals but it is definitely effective and workable;

The effort here though is mostly done in the mental level and this is why nobody would like to believe;

People normally won’t believe in anything intangible; they want some action and tangible activities to follow and to convince them;

On the other hand the Process starts and works in the inner level of existence; everything should be clear and functional in the unseen level of one’s existence;

The efforts must be consistent in the innermost level until what works inside would come out naturally;

The Process’ method would manifest dreams in a way that changes life situation, location, and career and even people that surround you;

The Process reaches out for people who can help you prosper in whatever your dream is;

The Process takes you to a location you never plan to be; it also brings you gadgets and tools to be used for the materialization of your dreams; it even change your emotional and mental attitudes towards what has been considered normal; it causes events to happen, events that you never expected nor wanted;

The Process relies mostly on the emotional set-up of the individual; emotion is its main vehicle on the material mobility hence logic has no place in the Process; do you have logical reasons in liking or preferring one woman/man for that matter from another to become your spouse? The other may have better qualities but you only see the one you chose, illogically; decisions are made because of emotions such as like or dislike in various degrees;

When people strongly like something they become capable and passionate of doing anything, even those that they had not done before, just so they get the result they strongly desire in a given moment; on the other hand, when people strongly dislike something, they do their best to avoid such a thing; this is basic in achieving something through the Process;

The Process works in ingenious and miraculous ways…who would believe in miracles? Only fanatics and extremely religious people;

But wait a minute, I am not advocating religion here, for me religion is an obsolete way to improve life situation; I am advocating human reality in the deepest sense;

Let me cite a personal situation to prove my point:

I will entitle this

“How I Became a Public High School Teacher in Suarez National High School”

It was a long Process:

I did not plan it, if I did I should have studied BS-Education in the university but at this time I was a student in MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology) taking up BSBA-Economics with the plan to run our ongoing family business once I graduate. But one day I saw this group of uniformed middle-aged public school teachers being passengers in a jeepney, I was a passenger myself and I was listening to their carefree conversations. I liked the happy atmosphere surrounding them. Then and there the desire was born and I thought “When I am their age I will also be like them…happy middle-aged public school teachers…” (Desire triggered by observation) From then on I always noticed public school teachers and I had consistently liked seeing them;

Years passed and I graduated BSBA-Economics.

While I was a fresh graduate and temporarily teaching taxation in one of our technical schools in the city, specifically ICTI (Iligan City Technical Institute) one of my ex-classmates, a best friend at the time, came to visit me home; she was Mariver Adlawon. She asked me to accompany her to the DECS-Iligan City Division Office; I had no idea what this office was until I realized later that it was where an applicant for a public school teacher would go and that Mariver’s mother was working there (the Process reaches out for people who can help you prosper in your dream);

Then I learned from that office that in order to become a public school teacher I had to study one semester of Professional Education then I had to take and pass PBET (Philippine Board Exam for Teachers); I left my temporary job and I did all the requirements (If you strongly like something you do everything possible and passionately to get the desired result)…I passed the PBET with flying colors;

Another year passed and I was ready to apply for the desired position in the DECS.

Another Process was necessary to happen; this time it was a miracle working…to cut the story short. There were 250 applicants for just one vacant position in Suarez High School and I got it…isn’t it a miracle? Or am I lucky? I tell you, the Process works!

That’s how the Process works and this is just one of those many Processes I had experienced in manifesting all my life’s dreams in all areas of my life.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 3 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Hi Eric...thank you first of all for reading...yes try it, all you do is listen to your heart's desire and follow it consistently and the process will work on your favor. Good luck.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting way to look at things. I will process and look at things a little differently after reading this hub.