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The Process of Socialization: The People In My Horizon

Updated on August 23, 2012

Intoduction: Inspired by gmwilliams' question; "Why socioeconomic class and educational background SHOULD MATTER MOST in terms of..."

First of all I would like to give credit to the person who inspired me to write this particular hub. He is gmwilliams who had this question;

"Why socioeconomic class and educational background SHOULD MATTER MOST in terms of..."

I had answered the question and so I was not able to click on "create a hub on this" button; nevertheless, I am creating a hub in this connection.

This is a very timely question because today I really had a very bad day because of what my maid had done. But my husband always advice me to be calm and to be more understanding with the "less fortunate."

Classifying and grouping the people I had normally mingled with and encountered in my whole life

1. Parents, siblings, children, husband/s, and other "heart relationships"

2. Servants and employees

3. Peer groups

4. Clients

5. Sales people

6. Employers and Big Bosses

7. Students

8. Social groups

9. The Public

There could be more but these are the basic and major people that are found in my horizon; I can write volumes of books if I will write for each of them.

My long time best friends and colleagues.
My long time best friends and colleagues.

The adage "Tell me who your companions are and I will tell you who you are" is a perfect statement to measure the type of personality we had become.

Are you sociable? Shy? Introvert? Extrovert? Ambivert? Candid? Secretive?

Whether we agree or not or whether we are aware of it or not, each of us is a byproduct of both our inherent and hereditary qualities and the socialization processes we had been into which in turn include the total socioeconomic-demographic and the complete cultural values system we come from or had been through and which we had accumulated over the years.

The English anthropologist, Edward Tylor defined culture as "a complex whole which includes knowledge belief, art, law, morals, customs and any other capabilities acquired by people as members of a society."

These are just few of what a person deems important in the core of his personality and are demonstrated in his behavior, decision-making, and lifestyles, among others.

We are mainly what we are now in the personality level and in our socialization and interpersonal relationships because of what we had been through in all aspects of cultural influences and what kind of people we had been socializing with; and these are in addition to our inherent qualities.

My housemaid.
My housemaid.

My maid

Like I said, I can write volumes of books if I write about everyone who I had mingled with throughout my life. And I said too that the question of gmwilliams is timely because of my bad mood today caused by the "stupidity" of my maid.

Don't get me wrong, I am normally sweet to everybody especially with the "less fortunate" in terms of socio-demographic-economic condition of certain people that comprise my horizon.

It just happens that in certain ways I am always looked up by people I mingle with whether employers, big boss, subordinates, colleagues, peer groups, parents, siblings, friends, children; the list could go on and on.

I have no inhibitions with people, I treat everyone fairly enough but everybody knows too that I am short of tolerance with deliberate foolishness and consistent stupidity. I flare up and my anger is powerful enough to scare them; I tend to lash whether he is the president of our country or the servant in my household.

The people in our immediate environment or more specifically, those we have constant contact in a daily basis have very strong influence on our moods in a daily basis, not only in the time that they are around but also even when they had long been gone or had left us.

The kind of personality and the role they play with us affect us in many ways and so in a way or more, they contribute to the mental and emotional state we have in a given time and longer.

The household servant or what we locally call the "maid"

I always had a maid since time immemorial. In my childhood both my parents were busy in their respective businesses and preoccupations during the day so that we had all types of servants to run the household and to baby-sit us when we were kids.

Whether throughout my marriage life and when I was living alone I always have at least one maid to do the chores, hence having a maid is not a luxury for me, it's a necessity because my mind and time is always busy with something else.

If I were to count how many maids had come my way ever since, I would say they won't be less than a hundred; hence I have a fairly good comparison of the types of personality of these people. I should be more understanding even with their false pride and self-assessments. I am tolerant to them to a certain extent.

What happened this morning; an example of a socialization in its least form

I just woke up at around 9:00 this morning and was a bit aching due to the strenuous exercises I did yesterday;(well, I am putting on some disgusting weight, I used to be just 36-26-36 but now a disgusting elephant of 42-40-43).

Aside from my aching body, I was also disgusted that I had gone back to smoking when I had stopped for a month. I was yet disoriented from my sleep and was trying to recall what I had planned for the day such as going swimming but had to first fix my bike because some sneaky neighbor had tried to deliberately destroy it yesterday; I was in this contemplative mood when the tactless maid approached me. She was carrying my newest rice cooker. I was confused but then she said that she cannot cook because the rice cooker was broken.

It was new, less than three months, my other rice cooker is more than one year and still good. How she broke it really pissed me off, it looked like she had deliberately poke it to some hard place.

Anyway, that really pissed me off, all my plans for the day banished because I had to go and buy a new one; and considering the primitive transportation in this God-forsaken flood infested San Fernando City; my day was really ruined. My mood really gave way and I lashed on her till she cried. All my suppressed "dragons" let loose and the maid was the "shock absorber."

I know that it was not right or was too much but, going back to the socialization process; our characters, personality and even temperament are determined by the types of people that surround us in a given time and place and most of all by our socio-demographic-economic standing in a given environment and society.


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