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Bullies are the Mean-Rotten Kids that Rule the Schools & Schoolyards

Updated on September 3, 2013

Bullies are Mean

Bullies are the mean, rotten kids who rule the schools and schoolyards. Bullies feel no remorse or guilt for the things they do to the ones that they bully. Bullies use physical, verbal, and/or emotional abuse to abuse the victims of their bullying. Bullying occurs in the school and outside the school in the schoolyard. Bullying can occur anywhere, and even on the Internet. Bullies isolate their targets, and gain the support of the bystanders, who don't want to become targets of the bully or bullies themselves. The bullying becomes physical when there is unwanted contact between the bully and the victim. This type of bullying is one of the easiest types of bullying that is recognizable. Physical bullying is when the bully punches, pushes, shoves, kicks, touches, tickles, fights, etc...and uses physical objects as weapons against their victims.The bully may or most likely will spread gossip that is malicious and totally false. When the bully spreads lies about the victim, the victim's emotional well-being if affected. Bullies like to keep their victims excluded from groups so that they can isolate them. Bullies pick out certain people like loners to make fun of them. Bullies like to have others, who are the bystanders, around to watch the bullying going on. The bully thinks that he or she's a big deal in front of everybody.

No Bullying Sign

No Bullying Sign on School
No Bullying Sign on School | Source

Verbal Abuse

Bullies like to call their victims names, make slanderous statements, and make false accusations against their victims. The bully may use profanity against their victim to insult them, and may make negative comments about how their victim dresses and about how their body looks. The bully may use the victim's name to insult them. Bullying usually consists of the bully, the victim, and the bystander. This type of bullying may lead to emotional distress for the victim.

Bully Free
Bully Free | Source

Bullies Need to Be in Control

Bullies are the mean kids, who have the need to be in control, to humiliate, to insult, and to put other kids down. Bullies have been around for a long time, and they're still doing what they have always been doing. The bullies look for the easiest targets for their bullying. The weaker kids, the loners, the short, small-sized, overweight, or disabled are the easiest targets for bullies. Bullies are usually extremely nasty and belligerent. Bullies may see threats where none exist. An innocent bump could lead the bully to retaliate, even though the bump was innocent, the bully feels the need to retaliate, and he justifies the retaliation of an imagined harm from the innocent bump. A bully in school is a young tyrant, who should change his wicked ways before its too late. Bullies like to quickly start fights. Bullies think that they must always have their own way. Bullies have a strong need to control others, to dominate them, and the bullies can cause all sorts of problems for their victims. Their victims suffer greatly, and are extremely scared to go to school. They're afraid that they're going to be picked on relentlessly by the bully. The victim gets scared and anxious--fearing to go to school. The bullies usually have friends that follow them, and do what the bully tells them. The bully's friends help him when they are with him to do the taunting, teasing, insulting, and name calling. Bullies don't care if they hurt their victim's feelings. The bully can't empathize with their victim. The bully's parents may have been bullies, too.

Bullies and Bullying

Bullies Don't Do Well

Bullies may not do so well academically in school, they may score lower in tests due to their being a bully, and not caring about school work. Bullies may think that they are smart, but their not--they may have run-ins with the law, and bullies grow up having problems as adults, they have less than desirable jobs. Bullies may drop out of school and may end up with criminal records. They may commit crimes of violence. Parents, who were bullies are more than likely to have children, who are bullies. Girls, who are extremely aggressive, may end up being the mother of bullies.

When bullies become adults, they may abuse their spouse, and severely punish their children. Bullies may have more convictions of violent crimes. Bullies in their homes may be ignored by their parents.

A Bully Video

Bullies Like to Hurt Others

Bullies like to threaten, taunt, tease, and call their targets nasty names to hurt them, and to make them feel that they're not okay. Bullies get their kicks by hurting their victims, who are weaker than themselves. Bullying has been around for a long time and is commonly known in all of the schools. The bullies have always gotten away with their bullying other kids, who were weaker than themselves-and still get away with it. No one ever did anything about it. But, these days bullies and bullying are getting media coverage.

Finally, something is being done to combat bullying in the schools and on the playground. Even famous people have been bullied when they were in school.

Just recently, a school bus monitor named Karen Klein was bullied by four teenagers on a school bus. The teenagers harassed, taunted, insulted, and called her names mercilessly. The teens ended up getting suspended for a year, have to go to an alternative school, and can not be on the bus. A video of the incident was posted on YouTube. Donations were raised for Karen Klein-a lot of money and Disney offered her an all expense paid vacation to Disneyland for her and nine of her friends or family members.

Sticks and Stones

The old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but, words will never hurt me", isn't true after all. Words can hurt a lot and always do. Bullies use words to insult their victims all of the time, and to cause a lot of mental pain. Bullies aren't liked for their cruel ways. Bullies are viscous and cruel, intending to target and hurt their victims. Bullies must think that they're better than the those they victimize, or else they wouldn't be a bully. Bullying can cause a lot of damage to a person's self esteem, and cause great fear for the victim of the bully. Bullying can and has led to suicide, especially cyber-bullying, which is different, because it is high tech.

Cyber-bullying is done with the use of technology; with gadgets that weren't available before. Bullies can go online and pose as someone else, and remain anonymous. Bullies abuse email. blogs, text messaging, websites, and more. There is, also, a lack of supervision on the part of the parents.


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    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 5 years ago from Mason City

      Thanks, CrisSp. Thanks for sharing. I knew of this one bully and his friends in school who were really nasty. I sure didn't like him and his friends. One of the friends tried to defend me, so I guess he was the only one that was probably okay.

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 5 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      This is a good educational read. Good job. Up and sharing.

    • gail641 profile image

      Gail Louise Stevenson 5 years ago from Mason City

      Thank you, bullies do suck for sure! It is very sad and tragic. I rememer this guy and his friends in junior high, and the one that was the leader use to call me this ugly name and he always sneered at me. He was really awful. His friends followed him, but there was one that tried to reason with him, but it didn't do no good. Thanks again.

    • EuroNinila profile image

      Fotinoula Gypsyy 5 years ago from NYC BABY

      Great article, bullies suck and it it is true that nowadays something is being done to control what's going on in schools, especially with all the social media sites out there and the bullying that has gone on through these sites that have contributed to children taking their lives. It's very sad and tragic. Voted up and more !