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The Purple Heart Medal

Updated on September 2, 2018

General George Washington Purple Heart

In 1782 the Purple Heart was the first US Military bedeck, ratified by General George Washington. The medal Heart-Shaped bronze cloth edges with silver weave were worn onto the coat of a brave heart, honored of the Continental Army awarded bravery in action. Purple Heart convey its purpose as an award for those wounded or killed in the service of American Revolutionary War.

"For Military Merit"

The reverse side of the Purple Heart has the inscription "For Military Merit" with George Washington imprinted. This heart was the oldest military award metal created. George Washington was also the first president of the United States, born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732. His father was Augustine Washington and his mother was Mary Ball. George was a rich child growing up on a Ferry Farm on the Rappahannock River in Virginia, with cherry trees. He was a very smart child, studied geometry and trigonometry, he grew up to be a very successful young man at the age of 16, practical training in outdoors activities such as tobacco growing and stock raising.

In 1749 he gave assistance to Lord Fairfax as a official surveyor of Culpeper county, he served for more than two years and journeyed west, colonizing of his propitious projects. At the age of 20 he diverted his time at Oxford library in Shenandoah Valley. That is when it all happened in 1751, when George's life made a turning point, profitable estate on a farm land in Mount Vernon. He was known to be the first farmer of the land, of about 8,000 acres. George was a fair and fun guy when it came to his management skills, kept the largest farming operation since 1760 and was affectionate of horse riding, fox hunting and dancing. Conspicuous in community affairs, known to be graceful in his manners.

Military Ambition

In November of 1752, George was appointed to southern district of Virginia, in the following year, he became a military executive officer of the Northern Neck and Eastern Shore. Then in 1753 George was dispatch on a journey that was proven to be rough, imperiled and abortive. The French wanted to take possession of Ohio Valley lands. George and his troops went to set out for the French post, where they reached Fort-Le Boeuf is known as Waterford, Pennsylvania, fought his way to Allegheny River, where he rafted along the stream of many nights in his wet cloths, freezing cold, till he reached Williamsburg.

Great General Commander

On January 16, 1754 George Washington recorded his journey of 160 men at his back, marched to Cumberland and posted at Great Meadows known as Confluence, Pennsylvania. Then, on the 28th of May 1754 George progressed towards a full colonelcy and was reinforced, commanding a notable body of Virginia and North Carolina troops. Whereas 350 men was into the Great Meadows fort, but was besieged by 700 men, surrendered and was release with the agreements of construction in paper of acknowledgement. George and his troops marched back to Virginia and was honored in the House of Burgesses.

The warfare did not stop there, George moved in with a fight to cover lands of the American territory and the demands of the military forces. about 9,000 men continued marching and mobilized about 30,000 men. In August of 22nd 1776, George force along to infirm protected roads against the American Flank. The patriots was defeated. The success has been won, but the struggles continued till the death of President George Washington on December 12, 1799, as the first Great General Commander of History.

Military Leadership

General George Washington was a leader who had the strength as a disciplinarian. He was an excellent commander. He took pride in his farmlands, elected president as the first ever took a stand and carried out a demand for the United States of America, deserving his Purple Heart for all that he had accomplished for America, fought and built a country that is essential to the happiness of every free State, liberty and justice for all.


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