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The Real Problem with the Education System

Updated on April 4, 2016

The Public System Itself

It's a well-known fact the public school system is flawed. The flaw isn't just with the schools. Schools can only do as much as parents allow. Parents are the ones that control the school system. People can scoff and shake their heads as much as they want saying they have no control. You want to know what the most dangerous thing is to the system as it is? If all the parents united under a unified cause to destroy its very foundation. Parents in defense of their children know no equal. Parents willing lay down their lives for their children on a daily basis. To pick up a sign, and demand change from the school system and not resting until it changes, would be minuscule compared to the loss of life.

If more parents were actively engaged in making the school better. Not just there for their kids but so every child can flourish, the entire system would flip flop. If parents made decisions on the school board as if it was for their children, everything would be different. If people didn't look the other way when something happened. If parents took responsibility for their children instead of blaming the school system, things would be different. When parents blame the system, and call it unchangeable, they not only ruin it for their children but all children.

The Real Problem lies with Irresponsibility

The real problem isn't failing teachers, or bad curriculum. It's all the people umping on the bandwagon of critical thinking and speech. The negativity stirs up negativity and teaching our children it is okay to blame everyone and everything else. If people took responsibility for their part, the world would change over night.

When everyone judges and says the public system is bad when really all it needs is adjustments, they make it so everyone has to start at square one. All over again. The world isn't black and white like this. People are so used to discarding what they don't want instead of fixing it. We all together need to stop disregarding everything instead of fixing, whether its a relationship, a theory, the car, or the public education system.

Parents taking the responsibility from their children and placing it on the teacher is wrong. If we say a teacher is bad for the child's failing grades, when few others are failing, it teaches something else entirely to the child.

If they throw a big enough fit, they will get away with it.

Taking the power from the teacher doesn't make for a good educating environment. All this isn't to say teachers have no blame. It's to say they aren't the sole problem. The 'blame' doesn't fall just on one pair of shoulders or several. It falls on all of us to take responsibility for our children and teaching them along with the teachers.

"But that's the teacher's job!" You might say. Well, teaching them the curriculum is. Everything else is the parent's job. Teachers are teachers. Not day care. Not nannies. Not babysitters. And especially not the parents. Telling them to be is unfair to teacher and parent.

When people are so eager to blame others, they aren't saying they have no blame. They are just ignoring it. This doesn't make a problem go away. The teachers aren't awful. The parents aren't awful. No one is. We can all work together in this. We can all make this a wonderful and free world. If only we can learn to accept our part in this. If only we can all do more. We would all do less. We point at others distracting from our own failings without realizing it's not a failing. Maybe a weakness or shortcoming but its not something that can't be fixed.

Everything can be fixed

Nothing in this world is impossible. Everything can be fixed. Maybe not into the same thing it was. When something breaks, it's rarely the same. Accepting this change is a part of life. Seeking things to go back to normal will never happen. Pretending it is prevents something newer or beautiful from occurring. Pretending something isn't broken doesn't work either.

Working on a problem until its fixed makes things better for ourselves and others. Most importantly it shows our children not to give up. It teaches them to look at a problem different, to reanalyze a situation to make it better. To make sure they do their best at whatever it is they are trying to do.

It needs to start at home. We need to do everything in our power to work things. This change needs to take place not just in our lives, or relationships, but with teaching especially. Instead of going to the teacher and saying it's all their fault. We can sit down and say what more can we do? Talk with our children. Maybe they just need more time with us and their grades will pick up. Talk with the teacher. Maybe they need help understanding your child more. They aren't mind readers or infallible. Maybe take some time for self reflection. Is there something more you could be doing for yourself?

When we all do our part, everyone wins

When we all do our part, everyone wins. Let me repeat. We all win. Isn't it better to stand in the victory circle with everyone cheering, hugging, and laughing? If someone stands in the victory circle alone, even if it's well deserved, it is good for them, but with each person who also achieved their goal. It is doubled. When everyone is happy, when everyone gets their needs met, we can enjoy it together. We can celebrate together.

This is called community. Working together for a common goal. Something that seems lost in a lot of places. Even when a community exists, it seems to fluctuate based on a few people. Every person in the community can do something. A community needs an idea person, a planner, a doer, a problem solver, and a scaler. The idea person comes up with the initial idea to start. The planner marks it all out. The doer puts the plan into action. The problem solver takes care of the problems as they arise. The scaler helps everyone overcome obstacles. With everyone in their chosen section, they are all happy, even if they choose two or more. They all work together. The project goes quicker, better, and often more successful.

If this concept is applied to the public education system, a community going to the school. Listing out the problems they are currently facing. The idea person comes up with ideas for the projects. The planner helps everyone stay on task with a plan. The doer helps everyone know what to do. The problem solver will bring problems to the table and offer solutions. The scaler will help keep things positive and in motion. We could solve all the issues and problems. If only we would work together.


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