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The Real Reasons Why You Cannot Take The GED Test Online

Updated on June 7, 2018
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Winnie is an expert test taker and advisor at GED Study Guide in Test Prep Toolkit.

You Cannot Take The GED Online, But You Can Take Practice Tests Through A Credible Website

Everything Is Done On The Internet. Almost.

People are just hustling and bustling nowadays. They expect everything to be quick and convenient. Technology has been created for that, and now banking, shopping and even going to school are carried out online, and they have become a part of daily living. What about the GED test? Can you take the GED test online? The plain answer to that is “no”. You cannot take the GED exam on the Internet, and here are the reasons why.

The GED, the HiSET and the TASC tests are three of the major high school equivalency exams in the U.S. Since the time of their inception in 1942, over 12 million Americans have obtained their high school equivalency diplomas by passing these exams. Fast forward to the present decade, and there are still 39 million of young and adult high school dropouts who need their HSE diplomas. This credential is indeed imperative, considering that there is higher demand for high school education in order to pursue further education or get hold of a better-earning career nowadays. More people than ever want to obtain a GED diploma, and they want to have it in a jiffy, with no finicky fusses. And so they think they can achieve getting such credential online, especially in their homes.

The GED Exam Is Not Just Another Test

If you are a part of the said populace, you ought to remember that there is no legit school or website on the Internet that will allow you to take the GED test online. Yes, the GED is a test, but it’s not simply another test. Taking and passing the GED paves the way for an unqualified high school dropout to get hold of an official certificate, one that approximately 95% of employers and colleges consider before accepting their applicants. Your GED diploma will signify your attributes, skills and other qualifications, and your prospective colleges or employers need to verify that you are worthy of their trust. You should be able to prove that you have attained your GED diploma because you are worthy- that you have achieved a meaningful and substantial feat and that you are legitimately qualified. In a gist, you have to show that you genuinely have the same capacity and capability as somebody who has accomplished their high school education.

The GED test has been designed to measure your basic skills in Science, Social Studies, Math and Language Arts. Along with these, your capabilities in critical thinking, problem-solving and evaluation will also be assessed. These measurements need to be valid, which is why the GED test has to be administered in a controlled environment. In a test center, authorities can validate the identities of the test takers. As you can decipher, the GED test is carefully designed and administered that in turn gives it significant value, especially to employers, colleges and to the test takers themselves.

Beware Of Fake Websites That Will Con You

This consequently brings the issue about websites that offer online GED tests, high school tests or “life experience” tests. Be wary because these tend to be dodgy businesses that want to pull the wool over learners who want to take the easy path of finishing their high school education. These websites would undeniably claim that they are accredited, but in fact they are merely fake schools that offer credentials that are of no value and are therefore rejected by legitimate schools and employers. Fake websites charge $200 to $1,000 for these counterfeit documents.

It’s absolutely worth it to go through the valid process (and trouble) of taking and passing the GED exam personally in an accredited testing center. If you obtain a GED diploma and become qualified for an auspicious job, you can increase your overall earnings by $350,000 throughout your lifetime. You can even raise the same to a million if you go to a community college, a trade school or a university. Today’s job market demands measurable skills that are represented by a rightful piece of paper, and that is your HSE diploma.

You may not be able to take the GED online, but you can always take GED practice tests on the Internet. This would make your test prep faster and easier, nonetheless. You can even join GED classes online. With a credible and updated online GED study guide, you can prepare for your exam in a stress-free manner and make way for a successful test day that will change the course of your life and your future.


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