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How Writing Related to Spirituality

Updated on June 23, 2019
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A member of LDS church. Studying Business Management in BYU-Idaho. Loves philosophy writing.


How I Understood The Relationship Between Writing and Spirituality

Writing has been very useful in this changing world. It has been used by many people including educators, professionals like teachers, scientists, doctors and many more. We also recognize that writing was used by our ancient prophets like Abraham, Moses, Noah and many other prophets. As time goes by the system of writing had been changed dramatically. In this generation, we have sufficient technologies to envelop the needs for writing as a way to make things proficient.

Writing as we all know has four types these are expository, persuasive, descriptive and narrative writing. Brandon Gustafson declares that "the importance of writing stems from the fact that writing is the primary basis upon which communication, history, record keeping, and art is begun... Communications are transmitted more through writing than any other type of media. The most binding contracts and agreements are written and signed."

The power of writing should not be overlooked or underestimated. You can express your feelings, thoughts, emotions on it. Love letters, invitation letters, thank you letters and many other kinds of letters. There are so many things we can do in terms of writing. Applying for a job requires you to write an application letter, contract signing or agreement must be in written form, big businesses and companies also require paper works thus requires a work of writing.

This is something we have to think and consider. There are many good things and bad things in writing as well. You can tell lies and argue in writing.

One of the great examples was in Philippine History about Rizal. Jose Rizal’s greatest impact on the development of a Filipino national consciousness was his publication of two novels– “Noli Me Tangere” (“Touch Me Not”) in 1886 and “El Filibusterismo” (“The “Reign of Greed”) in 1891. “Rizal drew on his personal experiences and depicted the conditions of Spanish rule in the islands, particularly the abuses of the friars. Although the friars had Rizal's books banned, they were smuggled into the Philippines and rapidly gained a wide readership.” [Source: Library of Congress *]. He is a leader of Propagandist Movements. While abroad he wrote three significant essays "to buttress his defense of the native's pride and dignity" of Filipino and as a people. The Philippines a Century hence, The Indolence of the Filipinos and The Letter to the Women of Malolos - these writings were his brilliant responses to the vicious attacks against the Indio and his culture. December 30, 1896, the greatest man of the Malayan race, was shot to death at Bagumbayan (present-day Luneta or Rizal Park), Manila, the Philippines by a firing squad of native soldiers, on the accusation of political conspiracy and sedition, and rebellion against the Spanish government in the Philippines. Recognizing that the verdict was made up, and the die had been cast against him, he said on the eve of his death: "A victim is sought and I am the one who is chosen to bear the whole blame. I am innocent of the crime of rebellion. I am going to die with a tranquil conscience.” He died and fought for the pride of Filipino using his right knowledge in writing.

There were many lives who were killed because of spreading the right knowledge and the opposition fights for disagreements and disappointments.

I was inspired by the ancient prophet name Moses who does write the Ten Commandments that God revealed to him. When we freshly recall what Brandon Gustafson said about communication is transmitted to writing, this is what I personally perceived when God gives direct revelation to the prophet transmission to writing would really take place. From the mouth of God to the hand of the prophet. Why this is so important in ancient days? Moses, on the other hand, used a stone to engrave all the commandments God had given him. This is the way to spread abroad the commandments that God wants to be obeyed and followed by his children. From the four standard works all that we are following, using, and make a reference to right now is taken from that books: Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine, and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. When we look closely at these books and their origin we can say as a member of Christ true church that ancient prophet endeavored themselves to compile, transcript, translate, write, to revise, and to record every small detail that has been very useful for human spiritual aspects.

In this modern time, one of the greatest things that writing can be useful is when General Conference approaches. Speakers selected from different organizations and auxiliaries and are invited to share their thoughts with a certain theme or topic. One could consider asking for divine help by first offering a prayer or even fasting. Then action takes place by writing a draft to the topic assigned. This preparation helps speakers to come up with the concise or concrete message and the audience predominantly, evaluate or reflect it within themselves.

The apostle’s and prophet’s talk have audio and text copy. This is the chance for everyone to hear or read the messages of the Lord. I can still recall printing off articles every p-day during my mission because downloading and audio conference talk can be tricky sometimes. I had compiled it within 2 years. Without writing things doesn’t really make sense. I mean as a missionary it’s more comfortable reading the talks or articles from general conferences rather than downloading it in flash drive and look for USB speakers and play it. Because of writing things gets easier.

I have been a member of the LDS Church since 2013. In 2 Nephi 32:2 it says “Do ye not remember that I said unto you that after ye had received the Holy Ghost ye could speak with the tongue of angels? And now, how could ye speak with the tongue of angels save it were by the Holy Ghost?” I vividly still recall the manifestation of Heavenly answer I had received when I sought to answer my question in prayer. The degree of the answer is sufficient for me to stay close to the church and to definitely settle my spirituality in solemn state. When I have received my testimony of the divinity of the truthfulness of the church of Christ, I have witnessed the knowledge that has been given through diligently seeking the truth by reading the scriptures, church magazines, and publication, Teachings of the Presidents of the Church, Search for Happiness and many other books, imminently boost up my testimony to the point that I can “speak with tongue of angels ”as the scripture verse written beforehand. When we speak with tongues of angels, we can say we have clear evidence that we were into the experience before receiving testimony. With all the experiences, real growth, and spiritual maturity, we by and by receive precept from heaven not just for additional knowledge but because you have sought heavens will by thoroughly reading, and performing spiritual things.

When you have sufficient knowledge and testimony of the truths you can easily write and share it with a friend or family member. Please allow me to share my experience sharing by writing my testimony to a family member.

I was recently home from my mission and my youngest sister talked about on the email how grateful she was because I have done serving my mission. With the help of technologies and social media sites, I sent some of the pictures and specific details of the image as what I was doing. I wrote in the letter an invitation that she should do the same to share her testimony to the people. She was willing to give up everything just to be taught by the missionary and one day serve her mission too. However, because of the distance between us, communication through email wasn’t adequate to propel her desire spiritually. Referring her to the missionary may probably possible because my sister lives in a barrio where LDS Missionary lives 25 miles away and it’s not their focus area as well. Unless I would initiate to fly over from Palawan down to Mindanao just to get my sister to involve in the church doctrine and be taught. A thought came in my mind that there would come a time they will hear the message of the restored gospel and that I make my hopes up they will be part of the Church of Jesus Christ someday.

Because of the use of writing, we can easily move, praise, persuade or influence people. My sister would have never realized that I have been I member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints if I would have never been able to write a message to her as part of my strong desire and testimony of the church. Writing her a letter brought her thoughts clear anticipation that even I am far from her I would be safe every day because of this standard I am affiliated with.

Though we have different learning curves and intellectual capacity in writing and conveying a message, we can further our thoughts and feelings in a simple manner like using our own dialects to be understood by the receiver. Writing secularly would somehow help us to be able to communicate with the world. However, I have witnessed that articles and talks written by our dear prophets and apostles can move, persuade and touch you. Sometimes it will literally change and mold your attitude. The intellectual and emotional or even physical aspect of a person is important however when we fully develop our spiritual maturity to the extent that our spiritual aspect inclined all the characteristics that a person possessed follows. Hence, “it is important for everyone to explore what they believe is their own sense of meaning and purpose. The path to spiritual wellness may involve meditation, prayer, affirmations, or specific spiritual practices that support your connection to a higher power or belief system.” The most significant characteristic to consider is our spiritual feature – helping us communicate with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ using modern technologies could literally connect us spiritually to the world.


Tagalog literature; a historico-critical study, Alip, Eufronio Melo, Manila: U. S. T. Press, 1930.

Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 32:2


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