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The Responsibility Of A Successful College Student

Updated on July 29, 2016


Successful In College


The Responsibility Of A Successful College Student


     When a person first goes to college, it makes them feel very mature, and they usually are enthused, and excited.  College instructors have already made assumptions that the college student should be prepared and ready for the task laid before them.  A successful student will take good lecture notes, and will stay current on reading assignments, reviews, and thoroughly go over all their courses material.  What helps make a successful college student is when they know their actions, and knowing the reasons why certain students fail at college. 


     You as a successful college student should know what courses you want to take, the importance of attending your classes regularly, the importance of completing all of your assignments, and handing them in on time.  It is your responsibility to ask questions when something is not understood, you should no longer have the high school mentality, because instructors assume that you are responsible adults.  


     If you fail at college, it is because you were not prepared and focused on what you had to do.  If you do not attend your classes regularly, it will be hard for you to keep up with the assignments, and you will therefore fall behind which leads to failing the course; and if you are repeating these actions in other courses, this leads to dropping out of college altogether.  You only fail when you fail to prepare.


     You can be a successful college student by being committed to carry out the commitment of attending college.  You can be successful through your own

accomplishments, by being mature, and responsible.  When you are a responsible person, you possess all of the positive character traits that ought to be encouraged and applauded, because they ultimately are based on your work habits.

The Responsibility Of A Successful College Student

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