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Sanctity in the Silence Behind Words: Genuine Sublime Aerobic Mind Workout

Updated on November 7, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Eternally Yours
Eternally Yours | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: Time, The Sacred Word Of Silence;The Never Ceasing Hour

A sublime esoteric motivating force ongoing in all of manifestation is located in the sound of silence. The magical whisperings of letters, which comprise words, are found in this ineffable sound. A force so abstrusely powerful exists before a word is actually uttered. This magnanimous sound of silence baffles the mind, engenders the imagination and stultifies the audible sphere of perceptible activity.

All truth is discovered in this incalculable sound of silence. The limitless sound is beyond the realm of quietness or solitude or no noise. Description defies all explanation or definition. It is that which is without being at all. And, that which is before it is. It is that which we long for, deny, crave, expel, fear and worship beyond all other rationality in the human realm.

Each letter that comprises a single word carries with it a distinct message within itself. Combined with other letters, it composes, establishes, and maintains an orchestra not unlike a world renowned symphony. Words are indescribable faculties of expression and yet, what is heard is but a minute portion of what is embodied.

Simple, delicate, obtuse words are so significant and meaningful! So gloriously imbued with untold immeasurable divine power; too incredible to decipher the waves of vibratory excellence delivered. They embody the supreme sound of silence every time one is spoken.

None can be discounted, elevated or cajoled. Each one plays a vital part incomprehensible part in the divine scheme of things. Words are special significators which convey hidden meanings. And, certainly not the connotation we normally arbitrarily assign to them. Words are sacred. They are codes within themselves and only those people who are willing to invest their time and commit their energy to the arduous (but free) task of dissecting them will reap the benefit.

But, why take the time to undertake such a demanding study? So many other things vie for our time and energy. We do not have the necessary time to invest in such a nebulous project. Our time is spent on working, taking care of our families, pursuing goals and aspirations that matter to us. “Maybe if I had the time, I might investigate the possibility. But, because my time is limited, I have to prioritize things”.

Did you hear the sound of silence in the word time? Did you feel the gaps when reading the inclusion of the word time every time it was used? An undeniable experimental esoteric point made just in time, exactly.

Listen to the word TIME, for example: Time. Time. Time. Say the word slowly, aloud, five recitations. Feel the letters as they flow seductively over your tongue. The (T) juts forward, accelerated by the (I), before ending with the (ME). The (M) closes the breath that was punctured by the (T). With the first movement of the breath in the word, Time, all of creation is projected. From the unimaginable chaos of time immortal, the word reverberates over and over again.

Yet, TIME from the perspective in the everyday ‘clock world’ is believed to have a ceiling. A beginning and end, as if, when we declare something will occur at 4:00 pm, it is set apart from the rest of the day. Not so.

Time is an eternal word which has no beginning and no end. It’s sort of like the cross bar running horizontally on its first letter (T); it appears to stop but that is as an inconsequential result of our eyes betraying us. The word, Time encompasses everything that has ever been or ever will be as it incorporates the now, past, and future.

 If you take the time to observe more closely, we can see (easily detect) just how the so called cross bar has no beginning or ending and the line running vertical to the cross is plugged into the measure of time which also possesses no end to its depth. It is, as if, the (T) is an arbitrarily contrived mark to represent a concept unexplainable in terms of the human mind.

Of course, the same ‘attrition’ applies to all letters but we are specifically dealing with the first letter of the word, Time in this particular discussion. Therefore the fixed idea regarding the word time or the typical meaning associated is erroneous to say the least and futile to say the most. In other words, the enormous strength found in the letter (T) is halted by an invisible impenetrable veil of which we are incapable of passing. (T) acts the barrier of which we are enabled to penetrate a viable mystery simply by feeling the letter’s perforation imposed on our lips.

We not only can experience the stabbing sensation in breath, but are able to tales the nitrogen acid like impression that occurs just prior to its explosive manifestation.

(T) Establishes and maintains an impenetrable force like no other letter known to man. {Followed by the immeasurable (I) whose connotation is undeniably unfathomable and irretrievable.} It opens the cavity in the head allowing for the ceaseless wind current to carry forth life as we understand it. Blood pours forth through the veins and arties at speeds of electrical current sustaining life in the vehicle attributed as a body of human flesh.

Closing the breath momentarily as the (M) shuts the mouth in succession while uttering the sound of [me]. We are always silenced, shut down, when we refer to ourselves as [me]. A gargantuan commanding secret is guarded in the word Time. And, in each off-handed referenced use of the word, we are pulling from that inexhaustible secret. How indiscriminately we toss the word around!

Our bodies respond involuntarily to the unspeakable sound of the word Time. Just as our muscles move our legs without conscious thought. The word itself is of a bright yellow hue though I’m not able to convey its extraordinary brilliance in viable means. {Only personally experiencing the sound of the word time can do that!}

The supremely sacred sound moves as a conventionalized snake in undulating waves. It is unending in musical rapture and pleasure filled duration. It suggests divine love in motion represented as poetry, art, drama, worshipful adoration in sublime sexual union. It is singularly motivated by celestial desire. Time represents the silent sound of multifarious nature. “IN the beginning was the word, and the word was …” (Paraphrased)

Angels In Time
Angels In Time


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