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The Scorching Heat And The Warming Planet

Updated on September 1, 2017
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Kishor has been associated with social causes and creating awareness on environment protection for many years.

Are you aware that our wonderful planet is getting warmer day-by-day? You must be feeling the scorching heat more than your ancestors used to experience in their days, isn't it? Why there are frequent floods, storms, droughts and other natural calamities these days? Check the internet, Google it, and you can find out what the eminent scientists and scholars are talking about global warming.

Many people do not believe in this theory, they called it as a fabricated story. They just turned their eyes away from the unpleasant truth, that is because they don't want to face it. Actually, they know the fact but pretending to be dumb. Their ignorant is exacerbating the situation more as they are not participating in the fight to control the damage.

Global Warming- Burning Earth
Global Warming- Burning Earth | Source

Let's Check The Fact

We are living in an era where no one believes in words unless they experience the truth by themselves. There are advanced technologies available today which helps us to unveil the hidden truth. Though we are not yet to progress more on the technology front, but, so far we have evolved to a great extent.

Let's check out whether it is a fabricated story or the truth.

Fact#1: Don't believe on anyone, any scientists or the journal, just check by yourself. Are you not feeling the heat nowadays more than what you used to feel at your childhood? Are you not experiencing the warm weather, longer summer seasons and shorter winter? That is the difference, as simple as that.

Melting Ice Caps
Melting Ice Caps | Source
Severe Draught
Severe Draught

Fact#2: According to the various research journals, the global temperature is increasing drastically over the last 50 years with a fast paced speed which is never seen before. It is breaking the past records of hottest years.

Fact#3: Don't you hearing the news of severe droughts and floods nowadays? And, what about the uncontrollable wildfires that burn the precious trees, creatures and destroys the entire forests? The rising sea levels is another big danger knocking our door, creating frequent Tsunami across the coastal belts.

There are many such incidents which can tell you the dangerous effects of changes in climate due to global warming. So, the decision is yours, whether you will believe on the scientists and their research papers or your own instinct, the choice is yours.

No Water
No Water | Source

The Horrible Future

Going on this trend, can you imagine what will happen to our kids and grandkids in coming years? According to some research scientists, the average temperature will shoot up by 9 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next 100 years unless we take the precautionary steps to control it now. It's time to act, not to indulge in useless arguments.

If we will not act now, then imagine what will happen to our upcoming generations.

No Water to Bath

Forget to wash your clothes or your car, even you will not get water to bath in summer. The usable water level is shrinking day by day due to the extreme heat waves. And the sea level is increasing which is not consumable for drink and bath.

Imagine how it will be when you will force to buy a bucket of water at the cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars. That is not at all affordable to more than half of the world's population.

No Outdoor Sports
No Outdoor Sports | Source

No Football, No Cricket

In the coming years, people will play only the indoor sports like Chess, Caroms, and others inside a covered air-conditioned place. There will be no football or cricket games in an open stadium. Who dares to play or watch these sports in an open area under the scorching heat?

Stay Indoor, No Outing

Imagine, how will you cover yourself with highly protected clothes from head to toe when you go out to buy something? The days are nearer when you have to purchase protected clothes, specially made to cover your body from head to toe to protect from the extreme heat. If some parts of your body are open, not covered under the protected clothes, then it will be burnt immediately. Isn't it scary?

Forget about those good moments, hanging with friends at a park or going out for a picnic. No way, the burning sun never allows you to do those activities if we not act now to save our planet,

Causes of global Warming
Causes of global Warming | Source

Extreme Weather is Round the Corner

The way we are playing with our nature, the days are not far when we will experience more severe weather conditions. There will be extreme heat in summer, freezing cold in winter and intense rain in rainy seasons. And to the top of that, there will be frequent violent storms and Tsunami stores for us.

Imagine what will happen if we continue doing the injustice to our mother nature. The sea level is increasing day by day due to this changes in climate. The extreme heats are melting the polar ice caps which causing the raising seabed. If it goes the same way, then the days are not far when some of our seacoast city, country will completely submerge one day. Some countries will be disappeared from the world map forever. Just think how many lives are in danger?

Industrial Pollutions
Industrial Pollutions | Source

What is Our Fault?

This is a very common argument people produces to defend themselves. We are not doing any harm, why are you telling us? We are not cutting trees; we don't have any industry which emitted dangerous gasses, etc. There are endless defensive arguments people used to say to hide theirs wrong doing. And never hesitate to put the blame on the big industries, administrative agencies, and the governments.

That's because we never noticed the small mistakes we are doing daily which worsening the situations again. Though they are not big as the big industries are doing but if we will curb those small things then it can contribute a major positive impact on our climate.

Let's discuss some of those mistakes we often do which negatively impacted to our mother nature.

The Air conditioner

We love to travel in our powerful car keeping the A/C on in the hot summer as well as in other weather conditions. And, what about the A/C fitted in our home? Most of the time, we keep that A/C in running conditions continuously to save ourselves from the harsh weather.

But, do you know the comfort we are getting now by using the A/C in our car, office, home, shop and elsewhere are temporary? Yes, we are not saving ourselves from the current unbearable weathers but we are actually heading towards the more dangerous situations.

Air Conditioners Pollutions
Air Conditioners Pollutions | Source

These Air Conditioners are emitting dangerous greenhouse gasses and carbon into the air which is damaging the protective natural layers of our planet. Thus, it damages the protective layers which resulting more increases in the temperature and contributing global warming.

But, what can we do? These Air conditioners are essential, we can't live without them.

Well, you may be aware that the A/C was invented just a hundred years ago not before that. The first modern electrical Air Conditioner was invented in the year 1902. So, how people used to live before it was invented? In this 21st century also, there are many people still in the earth living comfortably without the A/C.

We may not completely abandon it now, but still, we can change our habits slowly. Try to use this A/C as little as possible, use only when it is extremely necessary. Shut it off when not in use and also when you can manage without it. Slowly and gradually you will develop the strength to live without this harmful A/C.

Global Warming Effects
Global Warming Effects | Source

The Plastic Bags

These days, you must be seen the ban on plastic bags messages across the departmental store's counters. Sometimes you may feel angry on the government agencies for the inconvenience to carry your stuff without those colorful plastic bags, isn't it?

The plastic bags are dangerous for our nature. They cannot be decomposed by the natural process; hence it causes fossil fuel emissions. It destroys the air quality and increases the water toxic level. Those plastic bags are great threats to our planet and contribute towards global warming and climate change.

Finally, there are many such small steps that we can do to curb this menace. We already damaged the nature up to a large extent. So, let's act now to at least control the things to a certain limit to reduce its negative impact on our upcoming generations. Let's act now to give a suitable environment to our next generations. Let’s make our earth a better place to live.

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