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The Secret by Rhonda Bryne: The Secret Book Review

Updated on June 14, 2011

The Secret Book Review

I found The Secret Book while doing a lot of soul searching during a recent stressful time in my life. I had just relocated to Texas from North Carolina leaving behind my family, my friends and my comfortable way of life. Soon after arriving in Texas, my girlfriend and I ended a two-year relationship. My world was turned upside down. Then I stumbled upon The Secret Book and almost instantly my world began to change. The following is my unbiased The Secret Book Review:


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

Want a Better Life?  Read The Secret and discover a new you!
Want a Better Life? Read The Secret and discover a new you!

What is "The Secret"?

The Secret is not a magic cure-all. Nor does it contain knowledge that has been intentionally kept from the bulk of humanity. The teachings, messages or theories of the secret law of attraction found in this book are ancient wisdom and profoundly true. The reason the bulk of humanity have not adopted the ancient ideas presented in this book/DVD is because doing so requires commitment, absolute dedication, a reassessment of current beliefs and the acceptance of the truth that your life is as it is because of the way you see yourself. Once you read this little book you will start to see things in a different light, and while there will be certain people trying to find flaws in it, being as critical as they are; you'll begin to see them as what I refer to as "nay-sayers". Their negative thought process does not serve them. If you don't like where you are in life, you can change it. All you have to do is, Change your mind!

Prepare Yourself for Inspiration, Hope and Excitement

This groundbreaking book and DVD are an inspiration to me. Actually, I've been inspired by the powerful messages in the film and writings ever since. The Secret doesn't contain anything new. It simply shines a new light on the power of positive thinking, being optimistic, and avoiding pessimistic thoughts

The Secret filled me with hope and excitement of my own power to make things happen in my life. The hard part was training myself to get rid of the negative thoughts I was constantly having. After viewing The Secret it became apparent that I needed to evaluate my current paradigms along with my conscious and subconscious way of thinking. I took massive and immediate action and assumed all responsibility for my previous, habituated way of thinking. Then, I began to remove all resistance out of my life and create empowering paradigms and relationships by using tips and powerful insight from The Secret book and DVD.

The Secret Book, DVD and Soundtrack

Open Your Mind and Believe

Read the book and watch the DVD with an open mind and just try asking for a few small things to come into your life. You will be pleasantly amazed how easy and quickly things arrive. Since I have read the book and watched the DVD, I have noticed that I am regularly saying "thank you". I have noticed that complete strangers are smiling at me and starting up friendly conversations for no reason. It has been wonderful and I have to say, I am now enjoying life so much more and really mean it when I tell people "I feel great!"

Anyone who wants more from life should read the book and then put its philosophy to work.

My suggestion is to watch The Secret then roll up your sleeves and get busy putting these ideas to work!

Call it a self-help book, call it an awakening, call it a way of life, whatever you call it, the book will call to you.

The Secret Book Versus The Secret DVD

The book, by virtue of relying only on words, can and does go into greater depth on how to use the secret law of attraction. The DVD, constrained by time, takes a more superficial look at the "how-tos."

Since the book is not a multi-media product it is:

  • Clearer and easier to convey it’s message
  • Less distracting than the DVD.
  • Allows the reader to take in these ideas at their own pace
  • Allows the reader to stop and reflect on the messages whenever appropriate

That said, some folks simply prefer DVD’s to books. For them, The Secret DVD may be the better choice. Those who are looking for more in-depth information may prefer the book.

Then again, why choose one or the other? Get both The Secret book and DVD. The book is a wonderful companion to the DVD. I highly recommend seeing the movie and reading the book.

Share Your Comments and Experiences With "The Secret"

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    • Better Living profile image

      Better Living 4 years ago

      I think "the secret" is keeping an open mind and letting the book's principles work for you.

    • abhishek.genius profile image

      Abhishek Raj 6 years ago from New Delhi

      i have seen this movie. The law of attraction really works..