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The Secret Truth About Brain Games/Memory Games

Updated on October 5, 2015

Have you ever played those brain games/memory games which are supposed to improve your memory? There are these big brain game websites that say they can improve your memory by playing these games. A lot of people go on these sites with hope to improve their memory but sadly it’s just a waste of time, money, and they won’t improve their memory.

Because the secret truth is that these brain games don’t improve your memory!

Brain games/memory games don’t do anything for your memory at all. You can think of brain games like playing a sports video game. If you play a sports video game for a long time, it doesn’t mean that you can all of a sudden play football or basketball like a pro. Brain games are the same.

If you are paying for these sties about brain games, stop paying for them because you are wasting your time, money, and you won’t get the memory you are looking for.

Why Brain Games Or Memory Games Don't Work!

When you first go on these sites, you have a lot of games to pick from but do you notice that these games have nothing to do with what you actually want to improve your memory on?

These games are just random where you have to remember the position of birds on the screen or the shapes that appear. Then as you advance to the next level now you have to remember more birds and their position. How does this translate into getting a better memory? Is this the kind of stuff you want to be able to remember?

Well it doesn’t and probably not. Here’s why:

One of the games I saw and played on probably the biggest brain games site (you probably know which one) had to do with a grid and you had to remember the positions of the flashing squares. Then as you advance, you would have a bigger grid and more squares would flash.

Let me ask you this. How many times in your life have you needed to remember flashing squares in a grid? Uh probably never right.

But you might be thinking, “Hey I can remember more squares now so my memory must be better.” The truth is not really. It is true that you can remember more flashing squares (however useless it is) but think about this now: how does flashing squares apply to remembering languages, names, vocabulary, or the information you want to remember?

It absolutely doesn’t apply to anything useful! You will probably never be able to apply what you “learn” in these games to anything you actually want to learn.

These games are just for fun and entertainment and nothing else. You won’t get a better memory by playing these games. These companies want you to think if you play these games you will get a better memory so they can just get money.

You can be the best at these memory games, but you will never be able to apply these games to anything useful. You need to actually learn how to remember the information you want and what actually improves your memory.

At the end of the day these brain/memory games are just games. Nothing more. You can play a helicopter game but does that mean you can fly a helicopter?

You might be saying, “Who are you to say these brain games don’t work.” Well I am a Grandmaster of Memory and I have broken multiple USA memory records. I can remember a shuffled deck of cards in 60 seconds, remember 50 historical dates in 5 minutes, and much more. The way I remember information is something anyone can learn to do!

You might think I can’t apply the way I would remember a deck of cards into anything useful but that is not true! The same way I would remember a deck of cards, just with a few twists, I can remember 60+ names in 5 minutes. Try to remember that many names with playing these brain games.

What I teach people is the skill of memory and make them understand why what I do works and improves their memory. These brain games are like: here is a game, play it, and somehow this gives you a better memory.

Don’t fall for these brain games. It truly is a waste of time, money, and you won’t get a better memory. But if you really want to improve your memory you can contact me!


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