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The Selfless Crook: How Baraba Byrd-Bennett Stands for Nothing

Updated on October 25, 2016

What Results from Unselfishness


Miss Fraudster

Part of the problem of government schools is that the higher ups are just as corrupt and vile as anyone can imagine. It is no wonder that when crimes like those committed by Barbara Byrd-Bennett in Chicago crop up it is in relation to the “public good” that schools provide. Instead of focusing on providing excellent education and ensuring that students know how to think critically, administrators cut corners and seek selflessly to distort the system. Their actions, without integrity or scruples, lead to the destruction of a valuable thing: the mind. For her role in the kickback scheme to reap bankable benefits, she sacrificed others to herself. This heinous act of anti-egoism is what has brought her to a possible 7 ½ years in prison. She should get at least two decades, but that is up to the philosophy of law to establish. Acts like Byrd-Bennett’s represent just the tip of the iceberg in what is wrong with government schools. Because they are not run by the profit motive, administrators and teachers fail to comprehend the possibilities of introducing free market principles into the education sector. Their unwillingness to recognize that capitalism, the system that recognizes individual rights and respects private ownership of everything but the military, law courts, and police, has lead to disasters like Byrd-Bennett’s.

The lack of a true sense of self is to blame here. Byrd-Bennett never fully developed a self-interested role in her own life. She felt that she could make enough money to retire on and offer a comfortable life for her twin grandsons. She didn’t think about the consequences of initiating force by way of wire fraud. Reason, sadly, failed to serve as her cognitive tool for dealing with real life problems. From the moment she figured that she could plot such a vicious transgression, she never sat down to consider that she would lie to her associates, friends, and family. What is evident is the fact that she gleefully defrauded those with whom she worked. Stating in an email that she “tuition to pay and casinos to visit,” Byrd-Bennett relished the fact that she lied, stole, and cheated. So, is this selfish? Not at all in any way. Her actions speak to her system of values which happen to be of selflessness. If she had been concerned with her own well-being she would have planned out a life full of productive achievement and honesty. She represents nihilism in its worst form. Now, all she has is time to a reflect on the errors of her ways.


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