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Seven Postulates of Infinite Players

Updated on May 29, 2013

The Seven Epiphenomenal Postulates of the Infinite Player

If human finitude is not understood, neither is the nature of man.” –William Barrett

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” –Max Planck

What will undo any boundary is the awareness that it is our vision, and not what we are viewing, that is limited.” –James P. Carse

Finite Tendentiousness (or the Finite-bias Principle):

Finite Tendentiousness presupposes that reality is naturally infinite and that human perception is naturally finite. It is the paradox that occurs when a consciously aware being with finite faculties attempts to perceive an infinite reality. An Infinite Player (as opposed to a Finite Player) understands that every “thing” is phenomenally infinite, despite its apparent finitude (Zeno’s Paradox), that the nature of reality is fundamentally uncertain (Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem), and that conscious observation is merely a finite interpretation of an infinite wavefunction (Schrodinger’s Equation).

The thing is, if there is no conscious observation then there is merely an infinite amount of energy with but the potential to be collapsed into the photons and electrons that make-up objects. Consciousness is the medium by which reality, as we know it (perceptuality), exists. Without conscious observation everything is everything. With conscious observation, however, everything becomes separate, dynamic, different, and meaningful. It is not so much that consciousness is “creating” reality than it is “shaping” reality into a conceivable construct. Reality is the way it is despite us. We are merely influencing it by perceiving it through a brain that has a bias toward finitude.

Finite Tendentiousness is a vital principle in the nature of observable reality. Without this principle reality would be meaningless, and nothing more than an infinite amount of potential matter and energy. An Infinite Player is aware of this aspect of reality, and uses it in healthy regard toward his/her own reality, and in understanding the realities of others.

The Super-anthropic Principle:

The Super-anthropic Principle, essentially, is the cosmological equivalent of Finite Tendentiousness. As Finite Tendentiousness applies to the conscious observer, the Super-anthropic Principle applies to the multiverse as a whole in regards to conscious observation.

We live in a universe where, coincidentally or not, the Big Bang was fine-tuned to support a galaxy and a sun that could support a planet where the evolution of life was possible. This is usually referred to as the strong anthropic principle, but considering that reality is by nature infinite, and reality as we know it (perceptuality) is produced only when a brain biased to finitude observes it, we see that even this universe that has conceived “me” and my perception of it is just one of an infinite amount of universes in an infinite multiverse of possibilities. We also see that I am merely one of an infinite amount of “me’s” each contemplating the anthropic principle of each of my own “universes” (Hugh Everett’s Many Worlds Theory). This conclusion creates a Super-anthropic Principle, where each and every conscious observer creates, simultaneously and infinitely, each and every state of a universe: from beginning to end, despite time and space.

Under the Super-anthropic Principle any single universe (from Big Bang to conscious observation) is merely a giant cycle of elements, each entangled with the other. Time is only relevant in the sense that 1) conscious observation takes time to evolve, and 2) conscious observation takes time to observe that which it is observing. Essentially “time” is but a manifestation of the brain’s bias to finitude. An Infinite Player is aware of this aspect of reality, and uses it in healthy regard to his/her reality.

The Two-fold Axiom of Illusion:

Governing the precepts of both Finite Tendentiousness and the Super-anthropic Principle, the anomaly of perceptual illusion arises, creating a sub-reality known as perceptuality, as opposed to Actuality. Perceptuality is the illusion under which a consciously aware observer perceives reality; the reality arising from the six senses. Actuality is the totality of reality, to include perceptuality, but also what cannot be perceived or conceived perceptually. “There is in the living act of perception always something that glimmers and twinkles and will not be caught," said William James, "and for which reflection comes too late.”

Infinite Players use such knowledge to humble themselves with the limits of human knowledge, and to understand the relationship between human and other-than-human, human and human, and self and other humans. They understand the interconnectedness of all things on a molecular/cosmological/ontological scale and use this understanding as a means toward teaching such interconnectedness to others; toward creating a balanced ecosystem geared for healthy creative evolution.

The Art of Horizons:

This is the Infinite Players stage; where they perform for the masses through infinite play; where they poke holes in the seriousness of societal laws and policies by blurring the boundaries between society and culture. This “blurring” becomes a horizon; never reachable, and always a journey. “He who lives horizonally is never somewhere, but always in passage” (Carse).

An Infinite Player does not use his/her art of horizons to overthrow civilization but to eliminate its perceived necessity; to make use of laughter, vision, and vicissitude as opposed to conflict and war. As artists Infinite Players cannot take society seriously, seeing society’s “roles as theatrical, its style as poses, its clothing costumes, its rules conventional, its crisis arranged, its conflicts performed, and its metaphysics ideological” (Carse).

Infinite Players are adept at playing multiple games, wearing multiple masks, and practicing multiple songs and dances, all while laughing at the “rules” of finite games because of their understanding of the infinite game of life. They understand that “a boundary is a phenomenon of opposition. A horizon is a phenomenon of vision” (Carse), and thereby refuse to be in opposition except with that which threatens to destroy the infinite horizon.

The Art of Re-adaptation:

This is the art that infinite players use over and over again to become better suited to their environment. In this sub-art Infinite Players recognize their power as a moving catalyst of change. They respect and understand the power of both their own “chaos-butterfly wings” and those of others. Wherever they go they are preeminently a catalyst for a healthy sustainable environment and they are dedicated to adapting and overcoming any and all unsustainable mindsets by planting their “seeds” of change.

The Art of Re-adaptation is an actualization of the personal power and responsibility that is naturally bestowed upon a consciously aware being in an otherwise unaware world. Out of respect for nature, both environmental and human, Infinite players are responsible with their power and always attempt to remedy any mistakes that they or their fellow man has made, or, having failed that, re-adapt to the mistakes made as an attempt to smooth it out for a more sustainable healthy future.


Omni-Psychology is a type of existential emergence, aiming not at reduction but rather mutual support among multiverse, epistemological, finite tendentious, super-anthropic, and evolutionary principles. In the beginning it is a question, “what is existence?” and in the end it is still the same question, albeit more refined. It is a way of thinking that combines all seven Self-interrogation tactics, all seven paths of the Hypocritical Artist, and all seven Insurgent Oaths of the Rebellious Creator, resulting in a flexible, non-dogmatic, open-minded, fallibilistic perception of reality and people’s perception of reality. It is a humanistic, existential psychology using phenomenological methods to dissect the meaning of life. Through this emergence it becomes a joining of science and spirituality, becoming Quantifinity.


This is the redefining of God. In Quantifinity God equals infinity and infinity equals God. Here, God is allowed to be infinite, truly infinite, rather than pigeonholed into a finite dogmatic construct that claims itself as infinite. By simply applying the universal fact that: if any one “thing” or “concept” can be proven infinite then everything must be infinite, Quantifinity combines all of science, art, philosophy, spirituality, and religion into one universal Infinity/God concept.

An Infinite Player realizes that the diversity (chaos/order) of all things is what makes all things possible, that everything is necessary for everything to be possible (Super-anthropic principle), that reality is an infinite/finite dual structure of higher and lesser infinities (Cantor’s Infinite Set Theory), that reality suffers no paradox. And that we are the paradox. If we can allow the definition of infinity to be: that which has no limits, and if we can further prove any aspect of reality to be infinite, then we must allow ourselves the certainty that reality is infinite, and that reality is God.

All we know is the current-illusion, the now-paradigm. All we know is what we think we know. Infinite Players know that there are no answers. They know that we can question forever and there never will be an answer, unless the answer is Infinity/God itself. Quantifinity uses a philosophical subset of infinity to explain the nature of reality and the consciousness which perceives it; wherein the human organism is the set, perception is the sub-set of this set, and consciousness is the subset of these sets, with infinity as the super-set of all sets and subsets (Cantor). Quantifinity is the flexible, adaptive, evolving, existential, spiritual ontology of Self-inflicted Philosophy.


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    • Kori Lee F.P. profile image

      Kori Lee F.P. 

      8 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Would say the ones who can become infinite with their behavior and realize their infinitness are artist? Thus the buddhas, christs, great saints are just artists of the infinite????Wow I am losing it fast!!!!! Great Hub.

    • -Z- profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Z McGee 

      9 years ago from Everywhere, USA

      Yup, you hit the head on the nail, err, nail on the head. Either way, time is indeed relative as the great E-stein suggested. The Super-anthropic Principle shows that even perceptual time-lines (i.e. perceptual realities) are also relative and infinite... too include shoes :)

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      I get the Super Anthropic Principle. Although time then becomes relative in each separate perception of it by each observer, so the multiverse is all times and all perceptions. And lots of different styles of shoes, too. This is fun.

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      OK -- I reread finite tendentiousness, and it's cool. I'll try the other six in a few days. When I've had more chocolate.

    • -Z- profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Z McGee 

      9 years ago from Everywhere, USA

      Yes. There is that :)

    • Teresa McGurk profile image


      9 years ago from The Other Bangor

      . . .or there's always that useful alternative, chocolate.


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