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The Seven Surefire Characteristics of a Super Teacher

Updated on July 26, 2013

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The goal of every under performing school is to eventually become a source for academic excellence as well as high student achievement. Highly sort after super teachers are of much value in this regard. One super teacher can significantly enhance the value of the school by bringing in creative and innovative ideas that can make children enjoy learning. She is known for approaching her lesson presentations with an unbreakable confidence which demands respect in whatever classroom she instructs.

Portfolio of Best Practices

The secrets of a super teacher are her inner portfolio of best practices and strategies that has been thoroughly researched and executed for their effectiveness. A super teacher's knowledge of every teaching method is highly internalized, including the practical theory of multiple intelligence, cooperative learning, discovery learning, project learning, textbook, thematic learning and much more. Along with a powerful set of inner, secret capabilities, the super teacher can transform an entire school environment to one of thriving excellence.

Sense of Conviction

Becoming a super teacher requires seven must have characteristics, one of which is a sense of conviction. A super teacher believes in her power to affect a student's destiny and to help close the achievement gap. She never thinks about giving up on a single student. Every student has a capacity to become an academic genius in her mind. Learning obstacles are only temporary illusions that only needs personal enlightenment to dissolve.

Forward Thinking

A super teacher is forward thinking. She has the entire school year planned before it begins. She has several themes which she desires to integrate into the curriculum and lesson plans. Her evaluation of each student is ongoing. At the end of the school year, her delight is to know that she has met and exceeded the needs of her students. All obstacles and challenges to her success in the classroom has long been assessed, with plans to resolve them as soon as occur.

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High Expectations

High expectation for every child is the hallmark of the super teacher. No child should be excluded from a quality education. She believes that every child has the potential to be greater than he is at any given moment. A super teacher creates a desire for achievement within her students through a variety of strategies, including games, role playing, visual and audit oral prompts, reward systems and effective encouragement and verbal empowerment. A super teacher doesn't accept a child's doubt and unbelief in its ability to achieve.

Constant Innovation

A super teacher is always involved in constant innovation. She keeps herself aware of the latest teaching theories and strategies. She continues to discover new and interesting teaching ideas, some even unorthodox. If it can awaken a desire to learn in an under performing student, any strange teaching method is worthwhile. The whole objective is that the student obtains a quality education, whether it is by going on field trips, camping in the park down the street, inviting certain aspects of the community into the classroom, or recruiting parents for specific assignments regarding their child. Thinking outside of the box is the essence of constant innovation.

Unafraid of Negative Consequences

In order to be a supper teacher, an individual must not be afraid to confront administration and suffer the potential consequences. Any teacher who is afraid of challenging the restraints of the administration will mostly likely find himself conforming to the status quot resulting in academic stagnation. A super teacher must execute performances that may go against school polices and standards. It is not that a supper teacher will require anything of the students that would harm them. In stead a super teacher may utilize teaching strategies and methods that may be unorthodox, such as having water balloons and food fights just to internalize a concept. Such activities is what make a super teacher what she is-unpredictable.

Mastery of Subject Areas

Mastery of a subject areas comes easy to a super teacher. Because she desires to fulfill the needs of her students, she makes sure she has mastered the subject from A to Z. No aspect of the subject area is left unchecked. In order to deliver the best ideas to her students, she is aware of the newest literature on the subject. Whether the subject is English, math, science, social studies or economics, the super teacher has complete competence in her ability to teach it. Because she knows her stuff, the students are excited in what she has to say. They enjoy learning.

Dynamic Presentations

A super teacher commands absolute attention from her students. She gives dynamic presentations that elicit high student engagement. Her presentations consist of a variety of activities that involve the student input. Students share, role play, watch firms, think and interpret the lesson. Since students are so involved in what a super teacher is doing, there is little or no times to get bored or detracted by any other person or thing. A super teacher has a way of making time race when presenting a lesson to a classroom. Before the student realizes it, the class is over.

The Call for Super Teachers

The need for super teachers across America has skyrocketed. Under performing schools are steadily falling behind in academic and student achievement. Students are dropping out at an alarming rate, especially in the Afro American community. Overwhelmed teachers are also experiencing a great degree of burnout, resulting in changes of careers. Opportunities for super teachers are everywhere, but such teachers don't have to be sort after. Any teacher with a passion for students and teaching can become a supper teacher by mastering the secrets and going beyond the call of duty and placing the student's education as the number one priority in their lives.


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