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The Silent Treatment and 20,000 years of Evolution

Updated on February 15, 2012

Hominid Compatibility

Ultimately, women of the twenty-first century will come to realize the pointlessness of competing with men on the same ground. Ultimately, they will see that there is no reward, no triumph. And hopefully, BY CHOICE, they will return to the home, the family and as a support for the male figure (despite whatever made them feel this was an insignificant role). And once again men may look upon their wives as anima surrogates and be influenced by them to a degree that is highly lacking in today's world.

The equilibrium of the world must once again be brought into balance, but it requires each gender to understand and appreciate its unique position in the family unit. Without this realization, we cannot have peace within the family unit and certainly not on the international stage. Sometimes in order to reset the hierarchy of a family, a man has every right to adopt the "silent treatment" and take it to a stage where his significant other is about to go insane. After all, this is one of their favorite tools, but they have no idea how punishing the treatment can be if it lasts weeks or months.

During this long quite period they will start to reevaluate every aspect of themselves, and this is therapeutic. Maybe, just maybe, they will find the harpy lurking inside their souls and get rid of it. Somehow, mistakenly, over the last ten or twenty years, women have gained a notion that they've subjugated the male. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a mere delusion into which many men seem to be willing to fall victim. The truth of the matter is that women have attached themselves, like parasites, to the anima of men. They have done this at the forfeiture of building a spiritual relationship with their own animus, but women care primarily about materialistic matters -- thus it seems like no sacrifice at all -- and yet it is.

By ignoring or dismissing their own animus, they have become a species of hateful Harpies -- ultimately hateful to men and ultimately unsatisfyingly pointless for their own gender. So strong has been their urge to dominate the species that they have abandoned their own order of femininity and taken on a Medusa-like personage.

If only women had an inkling of the power they yield by being genuinely meek, subservient, docile and timid. These seemingly second-rate characteristics could, if given the chance, melt the heart of the most unmoving of men. By design, women were meant to rule -- not from the front but from behind.

Their influence over men (non-beguiling influence) is incapable of being rated. Men will absorb their truly anima-like wives's opinions and attitudes, and be guided by gentleness, not by rashness nor hysterics. We must consciously or unconsciously identify with our anima (or animus), as it depicts the very best about or existence. To ignore these manifestations of the unconscious is a plunge toward mass-suicide.

And if your spouse has abandoned his/her anima/animus, you will have a hard time to bring him/her back around, but it can be done -- with effort. Within the scheme of life, every creature seems to be imbued with the colossal effort for self survival, and this would not exclude men. Men are not hard-wired to destroy each other. They may have a tendency to wipe out the nearest clan (for food/water, clear hunting space), but there is nothing devilish within us that wants to drive the entire species into extinction. Although we may still be acting at the "Clan of the Cave Bear" level, we intrinsically understand the necessities of compromise and sacrifice for the sake of survival.

200,000 years of survival as a species has probably taught us much more than we care to recognize. But, recognize it we must. Over the course of 200,000 years I believe we learned compatibilities (on a small and large scale) the hard way.


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    • HattieMattieMae profile image

      HattieMattieMae 5 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

      Although I may agree women need to learn to respect men, I don't think women staying at home, and submitting to a man is always the right answer. I usually rebel against men that have told me I couldn't be walking by their side instead of front or from behind. There is a healthy balance, and of course our actions and words speak hostile realities or a loving heart. Some women have become some of the best leaders in the world. I understand men's silence, and I understand what my sister's can do in life, I feel that when both men and women are complete and whole, they don't neet compete to be the leader, they know how to move together in harmony, unity, and peace. It can be done. We just usually don't choose too.