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The Simulated Reality

Updated on June 14, 2016

The Simulated Reality- Is The Matrix Real?

We live on this colourful planet called "Earth" which is the only planet in the entire universe where life is known to exist and beyond it is the ever expanding dark universe slightly illuminated by a large number of glowing gas balls called “Stars” all controlled by a supreme power which we often refer to as “Creator” or “GOD”.

Well, most of us are familiar and confident about these theories of science and spirituality. But what if each of these concepts doesn't make any sense? What if humans are subdued by a simulated reality? What if all our sentiments, relationships and memories are generated by supercomputers? Yes, Welcome to the Matrix!

But, Wait! You have been living here for all your life. How? Well, let's first try to make the question sound more familiar.

Most of us may have watched the movie “The Matrix”. It was a great movie rated 8.7 out of 10 by IMDb. Matrix was set in dystopian future in which humans are muted over by a higher reality. So, Is the matrix real? Let us dig deep into this enigma and try to find out the correct explanation. Four years after the movie was written and directed, a hypothesis was proposed by philosopher Nick Bostrom. In his paper, he suggested a race of far-evolved descendants behind our digital imprisonment. These aliens or super-humans are using virtual reality to simulate space and time. Besides Bostrom, the experts from NASA’s Centre for Evolutionary Computation and Automated Design often talks about the digital simulation. In the current state, the fastest NASA’s supercomputers are cranking away at about double the speed of human brain and predictions are being made that these supercomputers will have the ability to compute an entire human lifespan of 80 years in the span of a month. There simulations itself generates a great possibility of our encounter with simulated reality created by other alien species using advanced technologies. However, no one has successfully stated the correct mathematical proof or designed an experiment to cross-check the current reality.

As soon as we wake up in the morning, we open our eyes and our brain develops a real image of whatever we see during our day. Some informations are stored and others are erased from the brain memory. But have you ever thought that why we see what we need to see and when we need to see? One possible answer could be “Because it all existed." But if it existed then why can’t we see it all the time? Well, this question is enough to make a sense that our reality is not ultimate and something strange lies beyond it's influence.

So, can we now draw a complete conclusion for “is the matrix real?”. Well, unfortunately none of the explanations are efficient enough to shake our reality and take us to the new world of simulations but it is not our fault to remain unfamiliar, because we are bounded by the laws of physics and maybe the simulated reality is not. Moreover, maybe the simulated reality is governed by the laws of simulations. There are more questions than there are answers and the quest to peep through the reality continues.


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