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The Stars and the Titanic

Updated on April 30, 2017

You will find some interesting star stories that arranged during the sinking of the Titanic. Many cannot fathom a connection between the skies and the material manifestations on earth, but "as above so below" has never failed throughout time to expose itself as accurate.

I'm not an astrologer with a certificate to say that I am, but more an apprentice of astrology with the highest level of curiousity, the holy fire for learning. I'm in an apprenticeship with "Divine Astrology of Nostradamus" a more intuitive approach than Vedic/Jyotisha and Western Astrology, yet I keep my ears open.

I had a surreal experience ten years ago that connected me to the Titanic. As I was searching for a pen-name a word popped into my mind "Delilah" and as I continued my surfing, I heard a voice shout "Chambers!" So, as I thought about Delilah Chambers, I decided to do a search to make sure no one else was using it for writing. Low and behold, one thing led to another and I found out that one Delilah Chambers was a passenger on the biggest ever constructed vessel in history, the RMS Titanic. A bit wary, I felt chills as to the mystery of whether or not she survived. It was a Karmic fear. But to my relief she was one of the few to remain alive. She may have been one of the children, I've still yet have to look into it.

So, here you will find the story of the stars as they've afflicted the Titanic and its people in the middle of the night between Apr 14, 1912 – Apr 15, 1912.

On the night of April 14th 1912, a lit before midnight the horror of the story begins within a veil of darkness upon a blackened sea. The planets above formed their pattern about the earth sending down their rays and affecting all. According to National Geographic, it took scientists 100 years to figure out that is was the influence of the stars that took this extraordinary ship down:

"An ultra-rare alignment of the sun, the full moon, and Earth, they say, may have set the April 14, 1912, tragedy in motion, according to a new report. During new and full moons, the sun, Earth, and the moon are arranged in a straight line, with the sun and moon intensifying each other's gravitational pull on the planet. The result: Low tides are lower than usual, and high tides are higher—a phenomenon called a spring tide." See link for the rest of the story...

Mars (Aries) and the Titanic

The night sea was lifeless and no moon appeared for speck of light. The white frigid monster eased itself into invisibility.

With my curiosity and knowledge accrued, something struck me personally right away; there was a series of planets under the influence of Aries. Aries is ruled by Lord Mars, a malefic planet in its negative state. My heart sank thinking of the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the North Node of the moon all run by Mars in the night. A strong Mars on the negative side can create horrific people, places and occurrences. I felt for each one, all prey to the fatalistic hand of Mars. I vowed never to be on the sea whenever the Martian was in charge. They say Aries is positive Mars (if not under unfavorable influence) and Scorpio is negative Mars, but I have a hard time believing Aries was being favorable.

Venus and Jupiter bring in positive influence, but Venus was in Aries leaving a lonely Jupiter to Sagittarius which wasn't strong enough to pull her the other way.

The Titanic was travelling on the sea under a starry sky run by an army of Martians. Mars represents: soldiers, fire, blood, knives, sharp objects, steel, engineering, and speed. Mars (Aries) loves to divide and conquer.

The iceberg had me confused as I was trying to connect all the Aires energy with it. Aries is fire and then in my research I discover another theory that is most feasible:

The documentary, Titanic: The New Evidence, comes from Irish journalist and author Senan Molony, who told The Times that a fire had been smoldering in bunker No. 6 of the Titanic since the ship left Northern Ireland’s capital city, Belfast.--

Jupiter expands everything it touches and its in Sagittarius, a fire sign.

The 'Lilith' Black Moon was also in Aries...

A Maga tells you not to board the Titanic due to negative planet placements in the sky, would you still go?

See results

The Moons and the Titanic

The black moon "Lilith" is known as the Dark Goddess with power of a tiger. Add this to the sign she was in during the sinking of the Titanic: Aries. Coupled with Mars the warrior, the Titanic was literally under attack.

The Titanic sank two days before the new moon.

The Power of the Dragon is a masterpiece of incredible information based on the esoteric power of the node of the moon. Free of mathematical jargon, this book divulges the secrets of what it means to be human. A soul's past life residue, its health, virtues, strengths and weaknesses are stored on the mighty dragon's tail while true fate and opportunities lie on the fiery Dragon's head.

Power of the Dragon (North and South Nodes of the Moon)

Divine Astrologer Dr. Turi explains mentions the star-story in his book "The Power of the Dragon."

A moon in Pisces running its rays through house twelve leaves deception and doom at sea

Mercury in Aries forms an error in retrograde*

Venus in Aries shows pride and egocentric detriment

Mars in Cancer creates danger and accidents onboard ship

Jupiter in Sagittarius represent travelling and publicity

Saturn in Taurus tells of financial disaster

Uranus in Aquarius stirs up a shocking surprise

Pluto in Gemini dooms death in traveling

Chiron and Fixed Star Influence That Night

Zane B. Stein says, "But the fixed stars are the suns for other realities. Unlike our Sun, which pervades every area of the chart, the fixed stars are concentrated energies, focused like light through a magnifying glass to a specific spot..."

In "Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology", Vivian E. Robson didn't have a single nice thing to say about this star, "Of the nature of Mars and Saturn. It causes bodily injuries, unscrupulous defeat, destruction by fire, war or earthquake."

Interestingly, Zane says, Chiron has..." acted like an outsider in charts, always showing those who did not quite fit. And time and time again, Chiron shows up representing a doorway to other realities."

If Chiron acts as a doorway between Saturn and Uranus how does that place the Titanic? As a firey martian in a hallway between Aquarius and a Taurus bull.

Mercury's Affect on the Titanic

Mercury (transportation) rules awareness and moving parts and was currently in its retrograde moving backwards where the communication ended up.This backwards motion shut down all forms of radio transmissions on the night of April 14th. Sad, considering the Leyland Liner Californian sat less than 20 miles away.

And remember (Mercury in Aries forms an error in retrograde)

The Moon was Waning on the Titanic

The moon was waning, basking in its two weeks negative cycle. No luck was offered to the people so unknowledgeable about the stars in the sky. It could have took a turn for the better had it happened two days after the new moon instead of before.


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