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The Studio Sound App for the iPhone, iPad

Updated on June 18, 2013

Everyone wants great sound from their iPhone or iPad. The sound from either is okay via their headphones or earbuds. But before you spend mega bucks on a new headset or earbud, spend $1 for the Audyssey amp app. For the price, it is hard to beat or nor try because it can improve a decent sound into a superb sound by tailoring the audio recording to a set of buds or headphones. The app smooths out harsh frequencies and brings out bass. The app has 160 models of headphones and if yours is not listed, you can find one that is similar.

The app attempts to recreate what the recording engineer hears in the studio. They obtained the data by going to recording studios and using small mics in side the ears of audio engineers to measure what engineers heard. From this, they created an algorithm that matches it. Tests show that even in cheap buds or headphones, sound did improve and in more moderate costing ones, sound improved significantly. The standard issue Apple buds got much better in the low end or bass. Some headphones costing $100 were greatly improved in their range. The makers of the app realized that the human ear is less sensitive to low end bass and made the app adjust continuously . When a song volume is low, the app increases bass, when it increases, it decreases it.

For only a buck, you would be crazy not to try it.


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