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The Study of Out Of Body Experiences

Updated on February 17, 2011

Our Becoming Sense

On a windy, wintry gray-clouded late afternoon in the desert once I again I contemplate you and I and the out-of-body experiences we did. I now realize it's my destiny to bring to public awareness that people actually do go out of body; that the body cannot contain the spirit of man indefinitely, but only a few short years known as a lifetime.
(The reference to You, is meant to refer to a PE partner)
You are a part of this destiny whether you like it or hate it. There's nothing I can do, of myself to alleviate whatever suffering you have encountered and still wear around like an overcoat in the desert heat. That's what I think about suffering..who the hell needs it?

I know that suffering is some kind of choice we make, on a higher level, perhaps we like challenging ourselves to get well? And wellness is only a thought away.

Don't think I don't know what pain is..I just chose to focus on wellness and thereby create that circumstance. I'm plugged into some kind of reservoir of truth where I
am no longer afraid of disease or even death. If I met you in person and we got to talking about suffering, I would mostly be quiet on the subject and I wouldn't try to one up you about who's suffered the most and the hardest in this life. It simply doesn't matter anymore once you've seen the other side of life and you know what awaits there for your homecoming. Not to be waning pessimistic about life in general, but reading of NDE experiences, well, it's a known fact none of us want to come back to the body upon gaining a glimpse of how congenial things are on the other side! Generally speaking of course; exceptions exist.

At any rate, you have your destiny going on, and I got mine and it's just weird, strange and uncanny that our paths intersected this way. I will not rest until I figure out why it is so abnormal to go out of body; almost like being terribly naughty but I know that's just my confused ego trying to tell me I did something wrong again so I can grovel around in sorrow and lament my separation from God as a fallen angel.

It's not true. We lie to ourselves all the time. I call it the ego, and so does my blessed ACIM portray the lies of the ego as illusions fabricated by the ego and the collective mind I might add.

I would rather say going out of body is like going out of collective mind. Going out of your mind. Not in a crazy sense, but you know if you do this too much, there will be periods where you do think you are mad. Then you must ground yourself into mankind's reality once more and take care that you protect yourself from unseen forces by shielding your aura. Who needs unasked for advice from buggers in the atmosphere?

Speaking of unwanted guests who were not invited into your world. I am liking my privacy to the point I think email spam is rude because it's uninvited. There are many points in my character need some mellowing out. Everybody is struggling to make money and spam is what that's about. It's not personal that I should take it; it is part of the collective mentality.

I'm returning in memory to the first abnormal pop out farce. I like to trace in my mind why it happened so unexpected, so I can control event, get a handle on it then pass on what I learned so the next flyer I encounter to increase awareness of this Obe thing and this other whole reality we can tap. For it is real, yet it is also a fabrication of reality in the sense that we can make something of these events in physical reality or we can shake our heads and say, oh, dreaming again, it was nothing important, just a showcase of the mind's capacity to cast you into a sea of weirdness and not unlike reading a good fiction novel. That is, until the one who was there with you starts to tell you things that happened out there that are if not exact in detail, too close for comfort to ignore!

And that is the reason for this article. It could well turn into a book as it's not leaving my consciousness these many years. The journeys are too numerous to start counting. I have to get to the essence of the lesson plan, distill it, and disburse it into the percentage of the population who do and need the clarification I have, or will have, about Obes.

The problems inherent in partnered exploration is not the question of their validity. Partnered exploration to mean where two or more gather out of body and confirm one another's presence at the meeting in C1, which is conscious, waking area.

The problems lay in subjective interpretative overlay of each party and our lack of a common language to utilize in comparing the experiences for validity and usefulness individually. This is a relatively new field of exploration and we must invent some byways or currents of thought to sail upon as we progress, just as Columbus had to actually set off to sail the sea to find where it ended, so too must any explorer set sail fearlessly, taking the risk that you could possibly discover the world was flat. In that case if Columbus had not returned to report his findings that the world was round, the people would still believe the world was flat.

In other words, C1 must remain our most important area to ground into, and the Obes will act to generate greater awareness of who and what we are, as greater knowledge will occur from these Obes which has to be shared for C1 society to be able to progress in their own self knowledge as well.

For greater reference as to Partnered Exploration (PE) and C1 (consciousness level One) see Bruce Moen's books, Voyages Into The Unknown, as well his 5th manual illustrates some How To Do it exercises.

Keep in mind that at this juncture in the new age, Obes are a pathway of learning and extend over the life time of a voyager. They should not be regarded as a fluke or a one time excursion, as if they occur once subjectively, they could and most likely will occur again at some point in the life time. The idea for all seekers is to find out why they happen and what to do with the experience once gained and whether we can induce the experience by simple study of other's Obes and using the comparative values.

Robert Monroe has learned to control the Obe, coming and going at will. See a listing of his books below from the beginning Obes, to the later controlled ones.

In a later blog I will point out how our individual belief systems cause us to interpret PEs and subjective Obes (the kind we do not control) differently, and that these differences can cause a fledgling flyer to abandon the project. Instead of abandoning the project, that is the time to dig into it. Just as Columbus did not quit his sailing in the middle of it, so we may take his example and not be quitters.

As a final note in this article, I may say there are two ways of interpreting the Obe: 1) From the heart 2) From the mental area

If as an explorer you bring the heart and mind together, the truth will be apparent that much quicker. If an explorer unravels a yarn which brings doubt to mind, remember to come from the heart is not naivety. Extend the benefit of the doubt to another and the same can be afforded to yourself and remember the inefficiency of the language of a new area of thought and endeavor. I have given you two words I did not invent; PE, and C1. These were coined by another. The new words will take us to new worlds..together; for it is more fun to go together than alone.

I will illustrate in another blog the two ways of interpretation which tend to cancel out the benefits of Obe and PE when comparing singular interpretations. I will relate how my partner saw it, then I will relate how I saw it, and somewhere in between these two interpretations the truth will be found.


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