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The Top Future Natural Disasters For the U.S.

Updated on October 31, 2012

Northwest Mega Quake

1. Pacific Northwest Mega Quake

Scientists say it is over due, so it is just a wait and see game. But when this quake hits the Pacific Northwest of the United States watch out because it will pack a power punch of a 9.0 on the Richter scale. This is a quake that would cause a massive tsunami like the one that hit Indonesia and India in 2004 but along the U.S. coastline! Evidence for tsunami activity has been recorded and evidenced on the coast of Japan showing that about every three hundred years these mega quakes occur.

Yellowstone Super Volcano

2. Yellowstone Super Volcano

There is a sleeping giant right in our beautiful backyard. Yellowstone national park is a massive volcanic bomb waiting to blow. Under the serene beauty of the park is a massive reserve of magma bubbles hundreds of miles in diameter. If just one of these calderas where to explode it would set off a chain reaction burying the United States under a blanket of ash. This explosion would destroy farm production in the farm belt of the United States and could even cause a nuclear type winter where the sun would be blotted out from the landscape. This even could be apocalyptic.

New Madrid Super Quake

3. New Madrid Super Quake

Nearly two hundred years ago a series of magnitude 8 quakes rocked the midwest of the United States. The winter of 1811 and 1812 brought three massive quakes to New Madrid Missouri when the New Madrid fault went active causing massive shaking felt as far away as New York. It reversed the flow of the Mississippi River causing massive waves to sink river going vessels. It sunk farmland and drained lakes, it even caused new lakes to spring up. Scientists believe it will happen again it is just a matter of when and not if. Should this type of event occur today cities and communities would be leveled and millions of people would parish in the event.

Canary Island La Palma Super Tsunami

4. Canary Island Super Wave

The east coast could be in for the biggest set of surf ever seen on the face of the planet. The Canary Island La Palma has a volcano called Cumbre Vieja that could cause a massive landslide as it erupts and then crack in half causing a major part of the island to collapse and then slide into the Atlantic Ocean. Should this happen the displacement from the slide would cause a massive surge towards the South and North American eastern coastlines. This tsunami would be about 24 meters high and wash inland for miles.

Super Storm

5. North American Super Storm

Yes, you may have seen movies about hurricanes in the north Atlantic but a super storm created by three of more storm fronts could form into a massive category five or greater super storm spawning climactic disasters for the mainland United States and nations of the Caribbean. From storm surges, flooding, and tornado activity; the amount of damage would be catastrophic. The economic impact of such a storm could cause the United States great turmoil and stretch its resources to the brink and be far worse than hurricane Katrina. No amount of government help would save the ensuing panic and disaster. Relief would be slow to those that would affected and the death toll would be astounding. Though unlikely to happen changing weather patterns can spawn such storms and it would only take one to bring our great nation to its knees.

Oceanic Anoxia!

6. The San Francisco Quake and Oceanic Anoxia

Believe it or not there are massive pockets of methane gas trapped under the ocean floor and at times these pockets when disturbed by landslides under the ocean can cause massive venting. This gas is toxic and has been one of the suspects in mass extinction events in the past. In Africa at Lake Nyos a methane gas pocket popped under the lake (this is called a limnic eruption) killing and entire village in the middle of the night. If San Francisco which sits near a large pocket of these vents happened to have a large enough earthquake that could cause a massive release of the gasses it's own mega limnic eruption would occur and the devastation and death toll from both the quake and the gas could be horrifying.

Super Tornado

7. Super Tornado

In1925 one massive super tornado ripped across three states Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana. This tornado defied what we know about tornadoes today and cleared a two hundred mile path destroying farms and causing massive property damage as well as killing over seven hundred people and injuring over two thousand. This was the most costly tornado ever and raised the classification in tornado ratings to a class five. Though regular tornadoes are harmful enough a tornado like this if it struck again in a major populated area could cause untold devastation.

Deep Freeze

8. Super Deep Freeze East Coast Blizzard

In the past the New England and North Eastern United States have faced super blizzards with several feet of massive snow fall. These disasters can take a major toll on the population of a major city and on the agricultural industry resulting in massive black outs, crop losses, and loss of other major public services as people are stranded or die from exposure.

Solar Storm

9. Solar Storm

A solar storm could knock out power around the United States essentially freezing all commerce, travel, finance, and any medical help for those in need. Spoilage's of fresh food would occur with no refrigeration, gas pumps would not work, ATMs and banking would cease. The ensuing mass panic over the thought of a long term power outage lasting months or years could throw our country back into the stone age.

Viral Pandemic

10.. Major Outbreak or Pandemic

With H1N1 we saw how quickly a virus can spread around the globe. We learned that there wouldn't be enough time to produce enough vaccinations for the entire population. It could be possible that many of us could lose loved ones or that entire families and communities could parish. An outbreak would change the world as we know it.

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    • profile image

      Big girl 2 years ago


    • Barbara Dill profile image

      Barbara Dill 4 years ago

      With the rise of Sinkholes, increase in Earthquakes around the world, I believe this is a warning to everyone. Now with the disaster in Japan that is slowly poisoning our ocean, there goes another food source. We need to learn to work together if we are going to survive. We will need to understand the "getting back to basic's" way of life.

    • profile image

      Sy 4 years ago

      I guess we've seen at least one of these actually occur.

      @Riley - how can you be a grammar nazi with a sentence phrased like that!

    • profile image

      Riley 5 years ago

      Thanks! You may do a grammar check, but I loved the article. : )