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American Wolverines

Updated on October 23, 2009

What Information Alaskans Can Provide

 The Wolverine may sound like it's related to the wolf but really it is not. They are much more clever and resourceful than a wolf. They are shy and like the weasel, they are rarely seen. People that have lived in Alaska for years and have never seen one. Although you can not see them, you can smell them. They have glands like the weasel. The wolverine is more fierce and fearless when it comes to protecting their young then a bear. They are very work drived and always busy trying to get their job done. They have really bad eyesight, slow and clumsy. This causes them at ambush their pray. Their territory can reach up to 200 square miles. It will leave scents to keep intruders away. Alot of wolverines are used for fur, because their fur is rated 100. Which means the hairs never break off.


Description: They get about 36 inches long and 12 inches high. Males weigh 45 pounds and Females weigh 40 pounds. They are stocky and have a powerful build. Not only are they compact but they have a very thick coat. They have a very wide and sturdy head with fuzzy short ears. They have curved claw which are semi-retractile. They are blackish brown with two chestnut stripe meeting from the shoulders to the tail. Some have white patches on the throat and chest.

Ranges: They are found in Alaska, Canada and the U.S. They can live anywhere between California, midwest and northeast. They live in cold high elevated places such as Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington.

Migration: Wolverines range alot. If they have a shortage of food, or no lucky catching food they will relocate.

Breeding: They mate in the winter then in spring the females give birth up to 4 kits in a den. Kits are like puppies and are fully weaned at 10 weeks old. They stay with their mother until 6 months, then they move on to gain their own property.

Habitat: They live in remote mountains, and boreal forests.

Life Cycle: The wolverine can live up to ten years in the wild.

Feeding: They are scavengers that eat sheep, caribou, moose and other small mammals like beavers, rabbits, porcupines and squirrels. For their small size they have a large temper, they have been observed killing deer and caribou.

Wolverines Playing At a Park

Other Cool Facts

  • The wolverine is a very terrestrial animal, but they are good at climbing trees and very goo swimmers.
  • They can run for hours and not rest do to their power and stamina.
  • They are mainly nocturnal animals, they can extend in darkness or daylight.
  • They sleep four hours and stay awake four hours.
  • They do not stay in herds or even groups. Every wolverine is a loner, or solitary. Unless they have kits or are mating.
  • They are protected in serveral regions now due to their population.

I have no Idea what their saying.. but good video.


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    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 

      4 years ago from Jacksonville, Florida USA

      I had to check out your article because I just finished writing mine on wolverines. (So many variances in information because the animal is so elusive.)

      You did a nice job on organization.

      One point that neither you nor I mentioned is that the animal does not hibernate during the winter season like so many other mammals.



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